Can you use IMEI to unlock Galaxy S6?

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Yes, the IMEI number or the International Mobile Equipment Identity number is a unique set of digits which is specific to each mobile device on earth and can be used to unlock any smartphone. If you have no idea about how you can proceed with unlocking your smartphone, worry not as we take a deeper look into what phone unlock is all about and what exactly is required for it.

Can you use IMEI to unlock Galaxy S6? 3

Unlocking process and why has it become so common?

With the help of various services and websites, you can get your phone unlocked in seconds. The reason why it is so common is that of the fact that, people all over the world prefer to purchase the phones over the contract. Modern smartphones cost a lot of money, simply because they pack a lot of features, such as impeccable cameras, fast processors, bright displays and more. All of these features mean that the phones come for a premium price tag, often times costing a few hundred dollars. Not a lot of people can shell out that kind of money all at once and mobile networks and carriers are aware of this fact, and thus they sell the devices on monthly plans. With these options, you can walk out the door with a new smartphone instantly. The carrier also does one thing which gives it a distinct advantage. They bundle in new plans, one which they are actively promoting and or ones they will be introducing in the near future.

The issues that arise with obligating to contracts is that you will be forced to stay on the same network and even pay for the plan you did not want in the first place. This is why unlocking your Samsung Galaxy s6 phoneis so important.

What freedom comes with unlocked smartphones?

Once the phone gets unlocked, you can now use it on almost any network. This gives you an unrestricted freedom, allowing you to roam anywhere and not having to worry about your network charging you with roaming tariffs or your plan simply charging you for services which you do not use. The process is also rather simple, let us take a look at basically what do you need?

In order to unlock your mobile phone, all you need are the key details of the device, such as the IMEI number, the device number, manufacturer details as well as the network information. All of these details are important, they will help acquire unlock codes for your smartphone. The unlock codes for Samsung Galaxy S6 are unique to each device. They can also only be used once.

The procedure is kind of tricky and sometimes you might end up making mistakes, hence the best way about it is to go to a service which does the unlocking for you. They have plenty of experience and are great at making sure phones are not at all damaged by the process. If it does not work you will also get your money back. Unlocking your phones give you great freedom, it allows you to use the phone as it was intended. 
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