Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach Points Out Things to do At the Great Smoky Mountains for Couples

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Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach Points Out Things to do At the Great Smoky Mountains for Couples 1

No matter whether a person is celebrating a special occasion or simply want to go on a short getaway with their partner, the Great Smoky Mountains would be the perfect destination to visit. They can easily plan a trip to this spectacular region through Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach. The Great Smoky Mountains have a number of fun activities that couples can enjoy.

Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach mentions activities at the Great Smoky Mountains ideal for couples

A lot of people choose to visit Tennessee Smoky Mountains for honeymoons, anniversaries, or simply to spend a few romantic days with their partner, away from the chaos of daily life. The Great Smoky Mountains comprises of picturesque landscape and plenty of attractions, and there are many things for couples to do here, such as:

  • Ride the Gatlinburg Sky Lift: For several decades, the Gatlinburg Sky Lift has been providing a romantic ascent to a lookout point that offers stunning views of Gatlinburg and nearby mountains. One can simply cuddle close to their partner as the chair lifts ascend to the top of the hill, and soak in the amazing views.
  • Watch the sunset at Newfound Gap: Couples may choose to climb high into the Great Smoky Mountains on a gorgeous drive to New Found Gap. Enjoying this scenic vista with their partner would definitely make the whole experience much more memorable for people. The travelers have to climb approximately 3,000 feet starting from Gatlinburg, and ascend pine-oak, cove hardwood, and northern hardwood forests. They would eventually reach the evergreen forest at Newfound Gap, which looks similar to the boreal forests of Canada and New England. While this destination is perfect for a visit at any time of the year, fall would definitely be the most romantic time to visit as the hills turn to shades of yellow, red, and orange.
  • Ride a carriage through Cades Cove: Cades Coves provides some of the most awe-inspiring sceneries at the Great Smoky Mountains. A lot of vacationers choose to visit this place to catch a glimpse of wildlife, and observe the barns, cabins, and quaint little churches that dot the route. Couples can choose to go for a charming carriage ride around the loop through the Cades Cove Riding Stables, which can be a pretty romantic thing to do. Cozying up close with their partner in the carriage, while admiring the beauty of the mountains at a relaxed pace would be a wonderful experience.
  • Ride the wheel at the Island: The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel takes the traditional carnival Ferris wheel experience to a whole new level. It rises 200 feet above Pigeon Forge with modern pods, and the views one gets from the right can be the highlight of a romantic Smoky Mountain getaway.

Couples who love adventure and thrill could always go zip lining in Pigeon Forge to enjoy some exhilarating experiences. On the whole, couples will have no dearth of things to do when planning a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains with Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach.

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