CPI vs DPI: Meaning and Explanation

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If you have also searched on the internet to get a new mouse especially a gaming one, then you must have definitely come across the word DPI switch which would make you think what it means. Now to add to the problems, some companies offer such mouse with a CPI switch instead.

The major question that confuses a ton of people is that ‘What is the difference between the CPI and the DPI switch?’ Which mouse should I buy? The one with CPI or DPI.

Before we can get that far, let us start by explaining to you what do these technical terms mean.

NOTE: – The article will contain low to none technical terms to make you fully understand the content without any issues or problems.

CPI or Counts per Inch: –

In extremely simple term: –

CPI or Counts per Inch refers to the number of steps or measured movement that the mouse report to the system when it moves as low as an inch. In other words, this term refers to the sensitivity of the mouse and helps in measuring it as well.

It helps to determine how much distance did the mouse cover on the screen in comparison to the distance that it covered physically on the mouse pad. The more the CPI, the more sensitive the mouse is in its operations.

DPI or Dots per Inch: –

DPI or Dots per Inch refers to the video dot density or spatial printing measure. It is used to measure the number of individual dots that can be placed in a single line. In other words, it defines the resolution in a digital print hence the name ‘Dots per Inch’.

The more the DPI, the finer is the digital print.

Resolving the confusion (the solution): –

After reading the above definition and the meaning, you must be scratching your head contemplating by looking at your gaming mice and thinking that why does it say DPI instead of CPI when DPI has no relation to the mouse world. Right?

Let us explain: –

With the evolution of the generation and the customers, the companies have also changed their methods and means to sell a product and sell more quantity. Now, the generation is very knowledgeable and knows quite a bit about the product in advance which they want to buy all thanks to the online websites which provide detailed knowledge about every product.

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The change of names of CPI to DPI is a smart movement by the companies that have been adopted by almost all of them to increase the sales.

E.g.: – When you go to the market and find all the new names of a product that you used to buy or were thinking to buy from a long time, the movement that you spot or recognize a similar product name that you have heard from others you buy it. Why? Because it gives a sense that this is the right move, it feels like a known product that you can trust the brand easily.

The same is the case with electronics especially gaming mice. With thousands of options available in the market, the customer confuses himself with the available options and buy the one which he has heard about or have heard even the name of a component.

DPI is a very common term used by the developers and well as the gamers and other people with technical knowledge. So, the companies have shifted the name of the mouse from CPI button to DPI button. Where the real button present on each and every mice is CPI just they name it differently. Although, there are some companies who like to be honest in front of their customers and put CPI bold and beautifully on the product like the Steel Series Rival 100 gaming mice etc.

So, there is no need to worry now. The mouse that you have definitely had a CPI button which is disguisedly named as a DPI one.

If you have any confusion or doubts please feel free to comment them down in the comment section and our team will be more than happy to help you out.

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