Cuisinart Replacement Parts Are A Total Life Saver

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Cuisinart Replacement Parts

I am an avid user of my Cuisinart food processor. I mean that when I say it. I make mine work A LOT. It’s definitely not a bad thing because it saves me so much time and stress. Oh, who am I kidding? A LOT of time and stress. I never have to worry about what is for dinner on any given evening. 

When I got into my late 20s I was pretty good about having my meals prepped before the start of each week. That tapered off a bit when I was pregnant with my first child, due to exhaustion and random cravings. I eventually got back into a rhythm, but I still allowed myself those cheats every now and then. And the rhythm was definitely slower and not as well prepared as they once had been.

Now the actual baby arrives. I’m no longer pregnant, and I once again have the energy to start my food prepping again. The baby sleeps a lot and I’m home, so why not? I got back into it pretty quickly, and I was using my Cuisinart food processor at least once a week, a lot of times twice. And as the baby grew, her preferences became a part of my prep as well. 

Once we were able to throw a holiday or a birthday party I knew that the food processor was going to get used A LOT. So of course the inevitable wear and tear is bound to happen. 

Just as any blade would, my blades started to dull as well. It’s unavoidable when something is getting so much use. I was worried I’d have to buy a whole new unit, and I also didn’t think I could live without my Cuisinart food processor.

I set out on some research about what alternatives, if any, were available to me. That’s when I found KitchenWorksInc, where they sell real Cuisinart-dfp-14 parts. I ordered replacements for every blade I needed, and even bought myself a few new items like a dough blade and a spatula. I figured these items could only help the situation.

It was good to know that I could find these replacement parts and not have to buy a whole new food processor instead. It’s not always feasible to replace things like this when you have a growing family. The unnecessary things tend to fall by the wayside. 

So overall, I’m really happy knowing that if I do have something that breaks or just needs replacing, I have a designated place to look. Being able to purchase parts instead of a new food processor is what made me stick with this one for sure.

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