DIAMOND-“The king of Gems”

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Jewellery are always special ornament for women and if it is studded with diamond then it increases the value of the jewellery. Diamond jewellery is always attractive and loved by women of all ages. It comes in various shapes, size and colour. It gives a new identity to your personality when it is worn. Diamond is the king of gems which symbolises wealth, love and truth. Diamond jewellery also serves as the best gift for your wife or for your beloved. It is the most unique and precious stones among other. It makes every outfit look gorgeous and beautiful. Diamonds are used to make jewellery such as earrings, rings, necklace, bracelet, bangles etc.

Here are some of the latest diamond stud earrings and diamond ring with a price list which are trendy and on high demand-

Designer diamond stud

Stud earrings are in trend nowadays and because of its simple look, it goes with every outfit like Indian and western wear with grace. They are the most basic and the coolest choice. These are the most popular among girls.

Modest triangle diamond stud earring– The modest triangle diamond stud earrings highlight the smaller minuscule triangle studded with a small diamond. It is lightweight and it is apt for daily use.

Diamond earring stud with pearl– It is a unique pearl stud hoop which has a prong set round chop precious stone with two bends with a shiny oval pearl drops. It is most suitable for parties and events.

Diamond round stud earrings– It is round in shape and can be worn from all sides. It includes a ring shape at the base which is a kind if engagement jewel stone and studded with a diamond from all sides. It looks great when it is teamed with a saree or dress.

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Diamond rings are always stylish and unique. It enhances your look. It increases the value of the ring and looks attractive when it is studded with beautiful diamonds.

Here are some of the diamond rings with price list-

Braided diamond ring- A braided diamond ring looks very stylish. It gives a fashionable look when it is teamed with lehenga or anything in ethnic. A braided diamond ring made up of gold and diamond signifies truth and power. It will cost you Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000.

Sapphire diamond ring in white gold-This ring includes sapphire gemstone, diamond and white gold all together to give it a unique and heavenly look. In Sapphire diamond ring the sapphire gemstone is surrounded with diamonds with a floral design which is suitable for both traditional and western outfit. It symbolises wisdom, loyalty, faith and good luck. It will cost you Rs 30,000 to Rs 38,900.

So these are the latest diamond stud earring and diamond rings with pricelist which are in trend nowadays. This article will serve you as a guide whenever you want to make a purchase. Any jewellery studded with diamond looks unique and attractive. 

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