Dignity and Prison – A fundamental right for every prisoner

Dignity and Prison – A fundamental right for every prisoner

Research has revealed that with few exceptions, quite a few jails and prisons have dehumanizing environments. Those of whom return home, for 95% of them – the possibility of rehabilitation is undermined by the brutality and monotony of life, they face behind bars.

As a solution to this problem, the government is suggesting that prisons and jails be downsized, but again this is not enough. Downsizing is reducing the prison population and diverting expenditures from prisons to fund services intended to provide support and supervision for offenders within the community and to prevent crime.

Prisons should be organised around a very simple belief that, since mostprisoners will return to their communities, it is better to approach their incarceration with conditions as close to “normal” as possible, with the addition of treatment, behavioural interventions, skills training, and education. Looking at this, the American prison system is in a dire need of policy overhauling, where prisoners are considered as humans first more than anything else. Ideally, a prison should be a healthy placeto live and work, a place that affirms fundamental human rights, and where the possibility for personal transformation is a reality.

Therefore, communication becomes an integral part of reforming prisoners. Staying connected with those who are incarcerated within the four walls of the prison, gives them hope to survive. Thisvery thought of staying in touch with those incarcerated, gave birth to Inmate Compassion.

The core thought of this app is the essence of compassion, the ability to move past prejudices and also to offer hope, love, and support. The desire to rescue inmates from a lack of communication with the people they love and value the most is Inmate Compassion.

How does Inmate Compassion make this happen?

Through Postcard

They are an exciting way of telling someone how you feel. So, enclose sweet memories and warm thought with a personalized postcard.

Through Picture Cards

When your words fall short, a love-filled picture completes your story. Write a few words and say more with customized picture cards.

Through Picture Letters

Spill your heart out to them and express yourself truly. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words; together, they are better.

Inmate Compassion aims to create a platform that opens the doors for communication through innovation and technology — which allows family, friends, and loved ones an easy, convenient, and affordable opportunity to remain connected with their loved ones.

As an organization, our primary aim is to fill the lives of the inmates with hope and encouragement. Also, we wish to help them stay connected with their loved ones. This will encourage them to lead a respectable and dignified life upon release.

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