Everything You Need To Know About The Significance Of Wedding Planner!

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Do you know, we have grown so much from the past several decades ago. The things we used to do are no more in today’s times. In this article, I am talking about the importance of a wedding planner and why there is need of a wedding planner. What exactly a wedding planner does? Apart from it, what responsibilities a wedding planner is supposed to perform. Anyway, let us start knowing more about it.

After the introduction of the wedding planner, there was only one category of wedding planner I.e., complete wedding planner. After some time and increased demands of the people, the wedding planner is divided into two categories I.e., full wedding planner and partial wedding planner. Both the wedding planners have different responsibilities, different costs and expenses, different modes of action etc. In this article, you will get to know what exactly a wedding planner does. What is the significance of the wedding planner?

A wedding is a big and important event of a couple’s life. Obviously, there will be a huge number of different tasks, which has to be performed. You must have observed that not all the wedding tasks can be completed by the single person. You must have seen certain wedding functions in which people leave certain tasks for the last time but those tasks never get accomplished. So, here the role of a wedding planner comes in. A wedding planner is the person who takes care of each and everything during the wedding. Ranging from clicking the pictures, hiring the people, giving the money to the vendor, negotiating the expenses with the vendors and many more tasks. A wedding planner be with you starting from the wedding to the ending of the wedding.

Responsibilities of full wedding planner:

  • Assists the family personally
  • Presence in all the meetings
  • Complete General of the events in the wedding day
  • Creation of bridal party timeline/vendor timeline
  • Booking of all the vendors
  • Negotiation of prices with all the vendor
  • Finding a reception location or reception location
  • Set the budget of the whole event

Responsibilities of partial wedding planner:

  • Collection of the whole information from the client
  • Meeting of all the members in the family or relatives
  • Knowing the interests and dreams of the family persons
  • Booking of the vendors and giving reminders to all the vendors
  • Arranging the personal decoration and decor team
  • The partial planner has to perform the major activities just like the full wedding planner. Though, there can be difference between the two but the differences are lesser.

Always remember, ranging from arranging the NI Wedding Venue to the completion of the marriage, everything is over the head of the wedding planner and he has to perform each and every task.

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