Functional foods are way too good for your children

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Eating healthy is very important to lead a good and healthy lifestyle. Proper diet food to increase the immunity in children will do wonders.From kids to adults, it is mandatory to follow a good diet for the smooth functioning of the body. Especially for the kids, the parents need to understand the need and requirement of a good diet. Starting from the beginning will create a good base and following that, the immune system will develop. So keeping these in mind, functional foods have become the utmost priority and a nutritional trend. Functional foods mean food for specified health use.

Parents these days are shifting to functional food because many of them have realized the benefits of consuming it for their children. Functional food has the capability to fill in your kid with all the necessary nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. This has helped many to avoid health issues like low immunity, weak muscles and bones, imbalanced digestion, obesity, hyperactivity, and other related issues. This is the best substitute for food formulas or food supplements as it is tasty, super affordable, and immune booster for kids. Children will happily eat it, even if they are picky ones. The functional food makes sure to fulfill all the vital minerals and nutrients which work great for the brain, bones, and muscles of the kid. Also, the parents are relieved as we often hear some complaining about their children not eating and demanding for junk. Functional foods are a great source of fiber which will help in keeping them full. This will avoid them from taking or asking for food again and again which will avoid obesity among them.

Functional food can be broken down into four categories as follows:

  • Conventional foods- In this category, basic fruits and vegetables are functional foods that are in its natural state. The food is not modified by enrichment and is consumed the way it should be.
  • Modified foods- This category of foods is being enriched or enhanced with nutrients for example calcium-enriched orange juice, bread enriched with folic acid, etc. This helps in providing the daily vitamins and nutrients such as iron, calcium, proteins, etc which are important for the overall growth of the child’s body.
  • Medical foods- These are basically entitled and consumed under the supervision of any physician to overcome a particular deficiency among any kid. This functional food will focus on the main deficiency and will help in covering it. These are specially designed for specific kids having particular problems.
  • Food for special dietary use- These functional foods are just like medical food but this does not require any supervision of a healthcare provider. These are basically for specific health conditions. Some children have a problem like lactose intolerance, obesity, etc and for them, food such as lactose-free dairy products, gluten-free, etc are the best option.

Above are the categories of functional food. ‘Iyurved’ is a known brand for functional foods which have solved many problems of kids.

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