Green Energy Solutions Suggests Four Great Ways to Conserve Energy

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Green Energy Solutions Suggests Four Great Ways to Conserve Energy 1

Energy conservation is basically a decision involving us in certain practices to lessen the use of energy. In turn, these practices benefit us to cut down our energy costs and lessen environmental impact. This also indicates using less energy, gas, and its equivalent sources, etc. for which we are required to pay. Green Energy Solutions California highlights three reasons why we should be activated to lessen our energy use.

Firstly, these energy sources like coal, petrol, and gasoline are available in limited on our planet and are non-renewable. Secondly, burning fossil fuels has a major impact on our environment and humankind as it discharges CO2 causing global warming. Finally, minimizing their use benefits us to save considerably on the energy bill and also let us enjoy Federal tax credits and rebates for being energy efficient. There are several ways that we can follow to reach our goal 

Replacing The Traditional Bulbs

Gone are the days of using incandescent lighting bulbs as they consume too much electricity. Replacing them with LEDs and CFLs should be our priority. Noteworthy, compared to incandescent bulbs CFLs and (LEDs) consume 25-80% less electricity and their longevity is nearly 3 to 20 times compared to traditional bulbs. Green Energy Solutions California notes that buying bulbs with Energy Star level makes sense as it’s a government-backed program and is proven to use 90% less energy than our older bulbs. Even though they are rather expensive, however, they will make us benefited from day one by lessening our utility bill and with long-term savings.

Adopting Smart Thermostat

The biggest advantage of adopting a smart programmable thermostat is that it can be programmed to turn off and lessen automatically when we are away or remain asleep. Installing smart thermostat works effectively to lessen energy used by HVAC without having to upgrade them. As reported by Energy Star, programmable thermostats potentially can save nearly 8% of our heating and cooling bills. 

Reduction Of Water Heating Expenses

In our total energy usage on monthly basis, one that is a major contributor is water heaters. To lessen their usage, apart from buying energy-efficient water heaters, we need to follow a few steps to lessen their utility cost, 1) bathing with less heated water, 2) turning down the thermostat of the water heater and 3) insulating the heater together with first 6 feet of pipeline that carries hot and cold water.

A tankless water heater is a great alternative as it is highly energy-efficient and a great choice for small families. However, among all, heat pump water heating systems are the most effective ways to stay energy efficient. Thankfully, by availing of the inflation reduction act (IRA-2022) one can lower the high upfront cost of heat pumps, as the act offers significant tax credits apart from rebates to homeowners interested to buy the heat pump.

Growing Good Habits

Apart from buying energy-efficient appliances, we need to bring certain changes in our behaviors. As Green energy solutions consider that we should never forget to turn off our gadgets, appliance, lights, etc. when they are not in use. Also, we can consider adopting energy-saving steps like hang-drying clothes rather than using the drier, and washing dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher.

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