Various types of fungal skin infections

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Various types of fungal skin infections 1

Our skin is the largest shield on our organs which covers our body parts and protects them. But while protecting our organs, our skin comes into contact with the various viruses and fungus which can cause some skin infections. There are various types of skin infections that we can face. Fungal infection is the most common skin infection among all. When too much fungus enters our body and our immune system becomes unable to handle it then it causes fungal infections. The fungus is present almost everywhere like in the air we breathe, in water and soil around us. The fungi can be of two types, one which is good for our body and the second which can harm our body.

Fungal infections can affect any part of your body where there is an abundance of moisture available. Athlete foot or nail fungus is the most common type of fungal infection. There are many treatments available to treat this fungal infection, but Ketomac’s antifungal cream can be used to treat fungal infections. Best prescription antifungal cream is very important to treat those stubborn fungal infections. You must know about the various infections so that you can diagnose them at their earlier stages.

Some of the fungal infections are as follows:

  • Athlete’s foot: This fungal infection is mostly seen in the sportsperson or in the athlete that is why it is named as athlete’s foot. As the sportsperson has to wear sports and shoes for a longer duration, it can produce sweating in their feet or around their foot fingers which can cause this infection. The symptom for this infection is the redness or cracks in the affected area. The skin on that affected area can peel or look scaly.
  • Yeast infection: Yeast infections can be caused due to the attack by the bacteria and yeast in the affected area. The yeast infection also causes foot nail fungus which can lead to discoloration of nails. There is a huge growth of candida which can create misbalance. The earlier treatment for the problem of yeast infection is very important as the symptom can become worse if ignored.
  • Jock itch: jock itch is the next type of fungal skin infection. The presence of fungi is more in moist or warm areas and that is why the warm areas are more going to be affected by this infection. It can be redness on your skin which can cause extreme irritation or burning sensation in that affected area. The skin can look little flaky on the affected areas. The areas which are most likely to be get affected by this type of fungal infection are inner thighs, buttocks, etc.
  • Ringworm: ringworm fungal infection can easily be diagnosed as a red circle shape mark will appear on your skin. Its size or the span can increase if you ignore its symptoms. You can get an antifungal cream prescription to treat these fungal skin infections.

Trying some home remedies will take a huge time to heal the infection, so you must go for the antifungal cream from Ketomac.

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