Here’s Why You Should Visit China Right Away

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If you call yourself an avid traveler but China isn’t on your list yet, it would definitely be a shame. China’s culture, rich heritage, and surreal landscapes are something that should be on your bucket list. By using the Tajawal Coupon Code on VoucherCodesUAE, you can book the cheapest flights and hotels. While you make your way to this beautiful country, here are some things that will leave you mesmerized:
Beautiful Landscapes
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China boasts of some of the most spectacular natural wonders. From the Yellow mountains to the Rainbow Lakes, China’s landscapes are diverse with views that are absolutely stunning. Each place in China is known for something special. For instance, Suzhou has wonderful garden views while Hangzhou has the best Lake views. If you wish to see a nice tropical island, you should definitely go to Hainan, rightly called ‘Eastern Hawaii.’

Ancient Heritage
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China’s monumental and awesome treasures go beyond expectations. Whether you want to see palaces, pagodas canals or even temples, China has it all. You can also witness amazing skylines and European style buildings. Besides, how can we forget The Great Wall of China, one of the Seven Wonders of the World?

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You can find China’s products all over the world, but some of the unique stuff can be only found when you make an effort to explore the markets in the country. China tea sets, carved jade and fine silk are some of the sought-after commodities. Bamboo baskets and Chinese calligraphy are as distinct as well. You can find the best of these items in the south-western provinces of China where they are handcrafted by minorities within its borders.
Tasty Food
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While some may find the food a little odd, Chinese cuisine goes way beyond its tea and rice. Noodles are most common up north, but down south, everything is generally served with rice. Whether you’re craving spicy food or seafood or something as simple as sweet roasted potatoes, you won’t have a shortage of variety.

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Mandarin can sound intimidating to some because it is just so different, especially from European languages. However, if you listen to it closely, tonal Mandarin can be a one of kind experience, like listening to new music for the first time. The uniqueness of the language indeed makes it quite beautiful.
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