How Alcohol Impacts Your Body

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We use it to have fun with friends, relax, or sometimes to drown out the negatives of the day. However, this substance has an extreme impact on your body that can lead to all kinds of problems which can include heavy medical issues. This article will help you to learn all about the negative effects of alcohol.
The moment you open up that bottle and take a sip you are bringing a harmful substance into your body. Though the occasional glass of wine at mealtime isn’t considered potentially dangerous the collective effects of wine, beer, and spirits can take its toll.

How Alcohol Impacts Your Body 3

Your Body will Rely on it

Long-term use of alcohol can lead to dependence which can lead to the use of the product. Dependence varies from person to person but the results are always the same. Eventually, the over in taking can affect your performance in day to day activities and/or your relationships with others.
This Dependence could up your intake. What started off as a few beers a night to relax has now led to several beers a night till you’re blacking out and slurring words. If you get to this point it is always okay to seek help. Clearwater AA can help to get you through this rough patch in life.

Bodily Organs become Impacts

A couple of other more severe effects of alcohol are heart damage, liver damage, stomach distress, and many other issues. The most common issue is liver damage. It is one that most people tend to focus on when it comes to these more severe impacts.
Your liver works to filter harmful bacteria from your body, but under the constant exposure to alcohol, it can weaken this until it becomes damaging. This can lead to cirrhosis of the liver which is fatal. Making sure that your healthy means taking care of your body on the inside just like you would on the outside, so fueling it full of alcohol isn’t the way to go.
Something people don’t think of when drinking is the damage being done to their stomach. While excessively drinking you are putting a lot of this negative substance into your body. As it settles in the stomach it can lead to all kinds of problems like gas or the more severe issues such as ulcers.


Cancer in the throat, mouth, and esophagus can also develop from overuse of drinking. These, like the liver damage, can lead to death if it isn’t caught on time. Woman are actually at an increased rate of getting breast cancer if they excessively drink as well.
Cancer is no joke.
It is a struggle for survival for both the person suffering and the people in their lives. Throat cancer has a survival rate of five years 77% if cancer has not spread. That is cut down to 45% if it has. It is a painful thing to suffer as are most cancers.
Keep all this in mind when you go to open up that second or even third beer or have that next glass of wine.
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