How to Add Flowers In Your Home Decor

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Flowers make great additions when it comes to home and its surroundings. You use them in potted plants or care to give a bunch of these scintillating beauties and you are bound to spread happiness in every corner of it. However, flowers whether plucked or received as a form of anniversary gifts, birthday gift can be used around the corners and used as an adornment that can bring in the summer freshness whenever you want to.
Flowers no matter which variety is it can bloom anyone in happiness, brush away all the worries and make a place lively and happy.

How to Add Flowers In Your Home Decor 3

1. Flowers Wishing Bowl

Pluck the long stems, remove the thorns, if any and place the flowers in a bowl full of water. You can even reuse the bouquet flowers received as birthday or anniversary gifts, however, make sure to keep the petals intact. Different colors will work wonders and this can be placed anywhere in the corridor, hallway, and kitchen.  
2. Flowers Picture Frames

Using the simple technique of pressing flowers, first make a few sets of pressed flowers. This might not take much time. Once you have pressed flowers in hand, place them in frames to get a unique wall art. You can either opt for a collection of frames and place them together or choose a single frame to place all your artwork together.
3. Flowers Decorative Piece

Placing flowers in color water, coupling them with miniature world of houseplants can help you redecorate the corners in a whole new way. You can even couple the with aromatic candles and give a soft touch to your rooms and corridors.
4. Flowers Eggshells

Next time you make an omelet for breakfast, make sure you keep the eggshells and break open in such a way you secure a vase-like shape from it. Decorate these eggshells with permanent markers, ribbons, watercolors and place flowers, buds, inside. You can even place these back in the crate and use it as a kitchen decor.
5. Flowers Kitchen Tins

Reuse kitchen food cans, tins, and every container that is bound to be thrown in the waste bin. You can even put cups to reuse and place flowers along with seasonal fillings and place flowers, plants in it. You can even use your creative skills and put it to use on the cans and tin to make them look more gorgeous and beautiful.  
6. Flowers Aromatic Bars

A pure mixture of beeswax and flowers is what is bound to make flowers visually appealing at the same time give aromatic essence to it. Used as a room freshener, air purifiers, these are added as great additions to bedrooms and the living space to give a beautiful touch to it.
7. Flowers Arrangements

Flowers can be used in upside down arrangements, hung through the chandelier, used in decorating the bedsides, and believe it or not in other million ways. So, how about you go creative and use these in a way never imagined before.

Go creative and use your creative skills in adorning your homes and patios with flowers and petals.
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