How To Choose Right Cupcake Carrier

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How To Choose Right Cupcake Carrier 1

Cupcakes are one of the most appealing and delicious desserts of all. Assembling the ingredients and baking cupcakes takes a lot of effort and time. On top of it, frosting is what distinguishes it from other cakes. If you own a restaurant chain, you will know the sorrow of losing even a single cupcake due to uncertain accidents. People who love cooking also might be aware of this fact. The hurry and worry attitude while looking can make your cupcakes go in vain. You might have seen the food delivery agents transporting the cupcakes in a case. Why do you think it is like that? It helps to preserve your finely baked cupcakes. Even if you meet any adverse circumstance, your cupcake will still be intact! Therefore, having a good cupcake carrier gives you a lot of benefits. Let us look at some wonderful tips on how to choose a perfect cupcake carrier:

1) Capacity:

You should choose the capacity of the cupcake carriers according to the number of orders that you get per day. If you are busy collecting orders, go for the one with a capacity of 2 to 3 dozens. However, if you have just started your business, a single dozen carriers would be enough.

2) Number of layers:

Layers help to prevent the intermingling of the creams of the adjacent cupcakes. If you own a cupcake carrier with more layers, the gap between the two adjacent carriers increases. In this way, it will help to keep the frosting of the cupcakes undisturbed. You should also consider the elevation of the cupcakes here. Some cupcake carriers also come with adjustable/removable layers. Therefore, you can adjust it according to the structure of the cupcake.

3) Design:

The first thing that should strike your mind by design is the cavity of the carrier. If it is too deep, you won’t be able to remove the cake nicely. If it is too shallow, it will not hold the cupcakes properly. Therefore, always choose a considerable cavity depth. The next thing is the shape of the cupcake carrier. It comes in various shapes ranging from round to box to even the cupcake shape.

4) Material:

Most often, manufacturers use plastic to make the cupcake carriers. However, you can get a glass carrier too. Make sure to choose a sturdy material, as it would keep the cakes safer. Also, ensure the quality of the material. It should be verified for safe food holding.

5) Safety features:

One of the features to keep in mind is the freshness of the cupcakes. Nobody wants to invest so much effort and time in cupcakes to watch them getting decay. Therefore, look for the presence of holes or gaps in the carrier. It will allow the air to pass inside, which in turn will not preserve the cupcake quality.

6) Cleaning:

You can get disposable cupcake carrier too. It will help to eliminate the need for washing and storing. However, you can use hand washing or dishwasher many of the cupcake carriers. Please make sure to note these points before considering a cupcake carrier. Thank you!

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