How to Select a Defence Lawyer

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Every criminal infraction does not require a defence lawyer Toronto. Minor charges like shoplifting can be resolved quickly and with little intervention. However, for serious charges like theft or assault, one must take legal advice. Selecting a good defence lawyer in such cases can literally save your life or, at the very least, ensure you avoid a criminal record.

How to Select a Defence Lawyer 3

There are many ways you can look for a defence attorney in Toronto:
Ask for referrals: If you have a lawyer or know someone in the legal profession, ask for a referral for a good defence attorney. A referral from someone who is in the field is highly recommended. They are most likely to know about competent lawyers with the right expertise in the field.
Look online: You should look for a reputable lawyer and not a hack. The best way to do this is through a local association of lawyers. Such associations only admit lawyers with good repute and hence, can automatically work as reliable list to work from. Alternatively, search for your state’s bar website. You will find a list of certified defence lawyers there.
Look for specialists: Not all defence lawyers are the same. Some lawyers have specialization in certain fields. If the charge against you are serious, it is worth the trouble to look for someone with specialization in the area. For instance, if you were arrested for sexual assault, look for a lawyer who socializes in such cases.
Meet your lawyer: When meeting defence lawyers Toronto, prepare a questionnaire. Remember, your future could depend on this. How many similar cases have they handled before? Do they have courtroom experience? What is their success rate? These questions can help you gauge the lawyer’s expertise. Keep in mind that many lawyers actually have very little courtroom experience. But if your case is likely to reach the courts, the right experience is critical. Be wary of lawyers who make tall claims and ready promises. No one can promise you an acquittal.
Look at the cost: Defence lawyers are some of the most highly paid professionals in our country. The fee could depend on several factors, such as the expertise of the lawyer, the complexity of the case, the amount of time one is likely to spend on it and so on. Always clarify fee related issues, especially how it will be calculated. Remember, if you cannot afford a defence lawyer, you can still get help through legal aid programs.
Be cautious, look for experience and expertise when looking for a defence lawyer Toronto. A good lawyer may be expensive, but worth every penny spent!
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