How to Select a Top Web Design Company in New Jersey (8 Questions)

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“Design,” said Steve Jobs, “is not just how it looks and feels like. The design is how it works.”

How to Select a Top Web Design Company in New Jersey (8 Questions) 13

Many web design companies awe clients into buying visually stunning websites that don’t do the job they’re supposed to do. 

Other, more professional web design companies pay as much (or more) attention to the website’s function as they do to the visual impact. That’s the kind of company you want to hire.
But first, you should ask the key question–what is the function of a website, after all?
It depends on your goals.
Are you just looking to create brand awareness? You should probably look for more.
Do you want to generate business leads from your website? When designed correctly, your site will bring you more leads than you think you need.
Do you want to sell products directly from your website? E-commerce sites expand your reach even more.
Effective and functional web design makes it easy for users to discover your website and engage in the business that you want them to.
Difference between a Web Design Company and a Web Development Company
Marketers use the terms” web design” and “web development” synonymously because design and development are integrated processes. Academically, however, design refers to visual elements such as images and graphics, while development refers to the technical aspects of site construction, such as coding

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A web designer uses software such as Adobe Photoshop or WordPress to create a website’s layout. 
A web developer, on the other hand, employs technologies like HTML, CSS, PHP, Magento, and WordPress to bring the visual design to life.
How to Select a Top Web Design Company in New Jersey
With a simple Google search, you’ll find more web design companies than you can interview in a year.
There are low-cost web designing companies located halfway across the globe. 
There are US-based top-dollar firms that might be unaffordable for a small business like yours.
Developers can masquerade as designers, and designers can claim to be developers, too.
If you ask for quotes, you’re likely to receive a wide range of bid’s—largely because the type and quality of services differ significantly.
But you need to hire a company that will build you an awesome website that works like a charm. 
Answer these questions to make sure your website and the future of your business are in the hands of experts.
1. Where is Your Web Design Company Located?
If you’re doing business in New Jersey, that’s where your web design company should be. Web design and development process involve close interaction between agency and client. And Skype meetings or emails don’t compare with face-to-face communication.

How to Select a Top Web Design Company in New Jersey (8 Questions) 15

2. Does Your Web Design Company have an Impressive Website?
Should a top web design company have a sloppy website? Perhaps not. If your prospective web partner’s website doesn’t impress you (and I don’t only mean the looks), you know what to do. 
Move on.  
3. Can Your Prospect Web Designer Show You their Design Portfolio?
Designers are always proud to show their work. See if they have worked with a business like yours.
Does their design ethos match your business vision? Do they have a portfolio?
A good portfolio should include a breadth of work demonstrating the agency’s all-around experience. It should include the context of the work, like the project’s goals and the client’s brief. A top web design company should be able to show you 20 to 30 examples of their design work.

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4. What is the Design Process Your Design Firm Follows?
The typical web design process includes project definition and scope, architecture and wireframes, visual design, site development, site testing, and maintenance. If your agency (or its rep) can’t tell you their process, they probably don’t have one.

How to Select a Top Web Design Company in New Jersey (8 Questions) 17

5. What are the Services Your Candidate Web Design Company Offers?

Most small businesses, when they talk about hiring a web design company, actually mean design and development. A top web design company delivers both services seamlessly.
You must ask your future web design agency to provide a detailed breakdown of their services, so you know what you’re buying—make sure you get both sides of website creation.
6. Does the Price of their Web Design Services Sound Reasonable?
You should never hire the cheapest company. But then, you can’t afford to go bankrupt working with an expensive top web design company even if you know they would build a great website. You should prepare a budget for all marketing activities, including website design and development, and stick to that budget.
7. What is the Quality of Your Prospect Web Design Company’s Customer Services?
A top web design company should employ professional customer services crews. They should be available to answer your questions or resolve an issue with your website. They should respond to your emails or calls promptly and communicate proactively, instead of you making the connection every time. You’re going to work closely with your agency for a long time to come, so it’s mandatory that your people are comfortable working with them.
8. Will Your Design Firm Be There WhenYou Need It?
Commitment is important in all human affairs. Whether your commitment is to your spouse, your community, or the client, being there when people are in need is crucial to success.

How to Select a Top Web Design Company in New Jersey (8 Questions) 18

You need your web-design company to be around for months or years, to maintain or update your website or to fix the bugs—or add your special offers.
Having trouble finding a top web design company in New Jersey? 
If you are not sure what type of a web design agency you need or which particular company will be a top choice for you, do not hesitate to visit and book a free consultation. Happy marketing!

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