How to take care of cashmere knitwear

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How to take care of cashmere knitwear 1

Cashmere is a light weighing, extremely soft, very rare fabric which is obtained from scarce types of goats. This expensive delicacy is very alluring to wear, as it offers the soft and silky touch with great warmth in cold weather and cooling effect to the body in summers. Along with all these qualities, if taken well care, cashmere can last for a lifetime.

Such a delicate, expensive yet durable fabric needs to be very well taken care of, here are some tips which you may find useful while taking care of your precious cashmere, you can buy cashmere knitwear and retain them for a long time.

  • Hand wash can increase durability

When you buy cashmere knitwear, the label might read as dry clean only. However, hand washing is best if you want to maintain the quality of your cashmere. Soak in water and wash by rubbing it over your hands, that is enough.

  • Use baby shampoos or light detergents to maintain softness

Soak your cashmere in a very light detergent or feel free to use baby shampoo for washing. Soak for a little while and squeeze it lightly by hands. Light detergents or baby shampoos will not affect the silky finish or the softness of the fibre.

  • Use a good fabric softener

Can cashmere be softer with the time? Yes if the cashmere is home washed with light detergents and then use a good fabric softener, cashmere can surely remain softer with every wash.

  • Use the apparatus to keep cashmere fuzz-free

Cashmere is a very delicate fabric, hence pilling, knots or fuzz may be formed in some areas of the sweater especially in armpits, remove the knots and keep your sweater fuzz-free. The pilling can be caused when cashmere is a new brand or due to friction occurring near thighs or where handbags are carried

  • Spot dirt removal instead of a full wash

When you buy cashmere knitwear, it will sometimes get dirty or strained; spot washes the area which is strained with a light detergent or baby shampoo. Avoid washing full cashmere as much as possible. Use a good quality of freshener or deo instead of washing.

  • Be careful when cashmere is wet

Cashmere is very delicate, and special care needs to be taken when it is wet. Cashmere can take days to dry, be patient and in any case do not use dryer. Squeeze the wet cashmere very delicately in between your hands and lay it on a dry towel and roll it over very light-handed. The towel will absorb the excess water after that lay the cashmere in the cool and shaded area to dry.

  • Store in dry garment bags in a cool and dry place.

Once the cashmere is fully dry fold it properly and store it in a cotton garment bag, avoid plastic bags. Then place the secured garment bag in a cool and dry place. The cashmere will be retained as it is till next winter.

In this way, the cashmere will be protected and will remain for many years to come. Take good care of your cashmere, and it will protect you from exposures of climatic changes.

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