Linking youtube videos on facebook: how effective is it?

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Social media is trending the most in today’s time. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp anything,everyone is using social like drinking water. If not using social media, one more application that most people are using today is YOUTUBE. From just surfing what’s happening around, to cooking videos, to travel vlogs and many more interesting things,everything you say is available on youtube. Also youtube is the biggestplatform to showcase your talent. It only says “broadcast yourself” that is portrait yourself to the audience in the best possible way to have a lot of eyes seeing you. That means you can create your own youtube channel, make videos and upload them. In this way, your talent will have a lot of eyes to be watched. But to have a lot of views on your video, your video has to share a lot. A helping tool for this thing is facebook that is to use features as facebook linker. This feature helps you link your youtube to facebook so that any video you upload on youtube can be shared on facebook as well, obviously you will have to do it manually. There some very easy steps to that:

Linking youtube videos on facebook: how effective is it? 3

1.    Select the video you want to share on facebook

2.    Post a thumbnail of it

3.    On the comment section of the post, write a description of the video.
4.    Copy paste the URL of the video here along with the description.

5.    There you go. Your video is now being shared on facebook as well.

But to be very practical about this feature. Everything we use has some pros and some cons. So it also goes for fblinker. Let’s see the pros and cons separately.

v  PROS;
1.    Your video is being shared and watched by many more eyes that is you are accumulating a large number of audiences. Therefore the number of views on your video is increased.

2.    Since, the number of views on video is increased, you are ought to get into the trending list of youtube. That means your video comes in higher ranks of yotube search engine.

3.    More number of views means more amount of money in your pocket as in youtube you get paid by the number of views on your video.

v  CONS :
1.    It is easier to mislead the audiences on facebook.

2.    Also youtube is Google owned company, so it ought to show the link or your post a little less.

In any ways, liking YouTube to Facebook is always more beneficial than being harmful. As listed above and along with that, it just helps your youtube channel to grow and flourish so that you can never regret your decision to choose youtube as your career option. So, to conclude, even though YouTube and Facebook are competitors in real and virtual life, Facebook helps YouTube a lot and so it does help youtube creators to have a lot of views and a lot of add on benefits.
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