Long Relationships: Learn to decide when It’s time to call ‘Quit’

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The relationship is one of those most complex aspects of life that when it is at its best times, makes a person touch the skies but when troubled can drag one down to the dumps. It is why all relations are not worth continuing and better if we let go by, as it could be very detrimental to our progress and overall well-being.

Long Relationships: Learn to decide when It’s time to call ‘Quit’ 3
If you have started to feel that your relationship has entered that phase, it is one of those dreadful states of ambivalence.  You are not sure whether to go this way or that or maybe you believe that you have just good enough of hold back or just that you are just holding back thinking that it is worth to give it a try. It’s really, really tough to decide.

Follow these steps that will help you decide whether to carry on or let it go:

          You are at a juncture when you see that you have lost the trust factor

Losing trust can be of many reasons – dishonesty, betrayal or maybe being dishonest to you. Remember losing trust and getting hurt is absolutely different. It is quite normal to get hurt from them who you trust once in a while and it is always that you get hurt from them who are very close to you. It is because they have their influence on you.

Whereas trust it something else. It is something that when goes, is difficult or perhaps impossible to gain back. Sometime you might forget and forgive your partner if he or she have hurt you, but it makes your suspicious and cautious when you start to distrust him or her. If it is the case, it is better to stay away from him or her as it causes a lot of mental stress.
          You know that you are not at your best

There are couples we see that always try to pull each other down. It is quite serious a problem because when your partner is pulling you down, he or she is jealous of you and want you to know that he or she is aware of that. If you are in such a relationship you will never grow and achieve what you want. In such a case it is better to let the relationship go by.

          You have started losing your own identity

We know what and how a long-term relationship can influence each of the partners. It is also that being together so long you have adapted to some of the influences. But saying so, you cannot let anyone persuade you to change.

You cannot let anyone force you to change who you are. It is good to change bad habits into good, but not your own identity. You are created unique and should stay that you. If you feel that your partner is sabotaging your identity and not allowing you be what you are, its time you should take the call.
          After all its affecting the other relations

Any relationship needs time and when you see that you and your partner is so engaged counting on each other’s their mistakes and let you with no time for others, it is better you separate. It will make you feel trapped, trapped in a toxic environment that’s limiting and killing you.
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