Making your home feel calm and inviting is easy

Making your home feel calm and inviting is easy

Life is full of hustle and bustle, so you want to be able to relax when you come home. If your home is full of clutter, it can be difficult to switch off. Here are five tips for creating a calmer environment.

Clear your entry hall

It is easy for things to build up in the entrance to your home, with shoes, bags, coats and more piling on top of each other. To avoid this, give everything a dedicated home. A shoe rack and coat hooks are essential.

Keep little hands busy

Toddlers can cause as much chaos in the home as a tornado, so it is important to keep them occupied. Having a dedicated space where your toddler can play and use their creative skills means you are less likely to find crayon marks all over your new solid wood flooring.

Try a rolling cart

There is never enough time in the day to sort through the mail, children’s drawings, and the copious amounts of everything else that ends up on the dining room table. Instead of sorting it, hide it away on a cart you can roll under the table.

Mess is inevitable

Give yourself a break and allow room for some mess. Take a look at flooring specialists for wood floors, which are far easier to clean than carpets!


Some days are complete write-offs! When this happens, indulge in a luxury bubble bath or new, soft bed sheets. Light a candle and put some soothing music on.  You could find one of those nice spray scents or put some lavender in vases around your house.


When inviting people around to your house weather that be family, friends or colleagues you want them to feel comfortable.  A great way to do this is for your rooms to be light and airy with a fresh smell. Think about where your windows are and if enough light is coming in or is it blocked by furniture?.  Another reason maybe because their dirty or they simply need replacing.  To get some expert advice on which windows you may need you could try a Double Glazing in Evesham company.  Another benefit from this is new windows will be better holding in the heat for those not so warm days that we often get.

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