Managed Cloud Hosting- Reliable and Secure Hosting Service

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Cloud hosting has taken the world by storm. It has such unique features that it has become the premium and most preferred hosting solution for its users, both in the areas of convenience and performance. Cloud hosting is now the latest international phenomenon. Every mega hosting service provider company in the world is currently offering Cloud hosting services to their customers. The online world, based on the internet is opting for Cloud hosting only, for their hosting requirements. Cloud hosting is also provided with new innovations in features, to the users, by the Cloud hosting service providers, in the world.

Managed Cloud Hosting- Reliable and Secure Hosting Service 3

What Exactly Is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is presently the most attractive and lucrative alternative to conventional methods of hosting websites. This web hosting is usually done on either a dedicated server or a shared server hosting. Cloud hosting is a scientific extension of Clustered hosting. Cloud hosting hosts the user’s websites on a number of servers.

Cloud hosting is a hosting service that offers to host to its users on virtual servers. These virtual servers procure their resources for computing, from an extensive underlying network of physical servers, for hosting websites.

Cloud hosting allows its users to reach for resources by simply tapping into their services. This can be done by the users, to have resources as per their business requirements, at different stages. This unique feature of Cloud hosting makes this hosting service, extremely cost-effective service for the users. The users need to pay for only that much resource as they have used. The users can reach for resources at any time. So, they are exempted for making any unnecessary payments for any unused extra capacity.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a technology that allows the user to sort of outsource a computer program. Cloud computing technology allows users to access different software and applications. They can access them from any location of their preference, in the world.
In Cloud Computing technology, the computer programs are hosted by an external party. These reside in a Cloud. This Cloud offers freedom to users from issues, such as power and storage. The users are free to enjoy the end result only, without bothering for such trifles. 

Cloud computing is the method, where the users have their Information Technology, IT, services delivered to them, by retrieving the computing resources from the internet. This is done through web-based tools and web-based applications. This is in absolute contrast to the direct connection to the server, as in conventional hosting solutions.

Cloud computing saves the data of the users to some remote databases, exactly opposite of saving data on a routine hard drive or to some local device for data storage. If an electronic device has access to the website, it can have access to the data or to the software programs to run the data.
Cloud Computing Can Be Divided Into Three Types:

·         Software as a Service or SaaS– it provides the licensure of software applications to its customers.

·         Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS– It involves delivering of every tool, from the operating system to servers, from storage to security through connectivity based on IP, to its users. It is an on-demand service.

·         Platform as a Service or PaaS– It is the most complex of the three types. It is similar to SaaS. It is a platform for creating software, that is delivered via the internet.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting-

Cloud hosting service offers a number of advantages to its users:

§  The top most advantage is Scalability. Cloud hosting is a very easily scalable hosting service. Cloud hosting offers the users the extra capacity of combined multiple servers. It allows the users to have the flexibility, to scale up and down for computing resources addition or deletion, as per the needs of their businesses. This is ideal to handle sudden upsurge of visitors traffic in the websites.

§  Cloud hosting ensures Better Performance, with increased availability due to increased capacity. It is also due to the balancing of workload across a number of servers.

§   Cloud hosting leads to cost savings by the users. It is a very cost-effective hosting service since it is a “Pay per Use” model. The user needs not to spend extra money on unnecessary computing resources.

§  Cloud hosting service provides best Disaster Recovery services. It is very easy with Cloud hosting, as it uses an architecture of multi-server hosting.

Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud Hosting service is that specific type of Cloud hosting service, in which the maintenance of the server is looked after by the Cloud hosting service provider only. The user or the customer need not bother about the server maintenance at all. The user is also free from making expenses in hiring trained manpower to maintain the server.

CloudOYE is the world’s leading most Cloud service provider, that provides the best managed Cloud hosting service to its customers, at a very reasonable price.
Cloud Hosting India

Cloud hosting is currently the most popular hosting service in India. This hosting service is opted by users from all segments of life, especially from business and service segments, in this country. Cloud hosting has become a very popular hosting service to all businesses and service sectors, in India, since the majority of them have started operating online. Entry of E-Commerce houses has also added to the demand.

A number of Cloud hosting service providers are providing their Cloud hosting service to their customers, in India. They are offering various features to their customers.

CloudOYE is the leading most Cloud hosting service provider company in this world, which is providing its best Cloud hosting service to its customers in India. This Cloud hosting service provider is providing Cloud hosting service to its customers, in this country, at a very reasonable price. This service providers offer twice as fast Cloud hosting service than the usual, with four times greater flexibility, to its Indian customers, within India.
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