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The utility for smartphones has dramatically increased over the years. With the introduction of apps which can offer a user with almost every required service with only a few swipes and clicks, these devices have become indispensable for the modern millennial population.

However, in spite of their usefulness, the mobile screen remains one of the most fragile aspects of the device. Users are advised to exercise caution when using their smartphones as the screen is the first thing that breaks during accidental drops.

The quickest way to financially secure your device against such damages is by purchasing a mobile protection plan beforehand.

Here are a few ways such protection plans financially safeguards your smartphone.

High insurance amount

Experts state that almost 43% of smartphone owners end up damaging their screen due to accidental drops. The technologies used in both budget and flagship smartphones are expensive and replacing/repairing them can cost quite a lot of money.

Financial institutions like Bajaj Finserv provide Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions such as the Mobile Screen Insurance policy secure your device against theft and accidental damage. The high assured sum ensures you are financially covered for any repair costs. Even if you do end up paying, it will be a fraction of the original amount charged.

Protection against fire damage and special perils

Top insurance companies provide mobile insurance policies that financially secure your device in case of accidental fire damage and natural or man-made hazards.

Some insurance plans even provide coverage against accidental damage inflicted by riots, explosions and even natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, etc.

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By purchasing an insurance policy, you economically secure yourself against the majority of such perils that can harm your device.

Mobile protection plan for burglary and robbery

You can also financially secure your device’s display in case of a burglary. If such an attempt takes places inside of insured premises, then you can avail appropriate financial compensation for any repairs done to the display of your device.

Electrical breakdown

India is one of the leading markets for smartphones and related accessories. Electrical failures are commonplace and subsequently harbour a whole sub-industry in itself. When a device suddenly stops working even though it was not physically damaged in any way, users generally refer to local repair shops, available even in rural localities.

Irrespectively, the cost of repairing a device is a financial inconvenience. It is even more so if the damages incurred are substantial or if the user wants to opt for genuine services and parts. An insurance cover can be peerless in such cases and users are slowly but surely purchasing such insurance policies.

The fitness band is another device which is reported to exhibit frequent malfunctions. A common occurrence is a battery-related issue where the screen gets cloudy and stops functioning. In order to financially secure your device in case of such incidents, you can purchase a fitness wearables insurance policy.

The modern smartphones mostly come with a day’s worth of battery life, making the charging adaptor an indispensable accessory. A damaged adaptor prevents you from recharging your device making it inaccessible until the charger is repaired. To seek appropriate financial compensation for a damaged adaptor in the future, you can also purchase a mobile charger insurance policy.

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Having a mobile protection plan in place saves you from the hassle of accumulating the necessary funds required to fix the display on your device. Smartphone related accidents are something which you cannot avoid even with caution. What you can do is to financially safeguard yourself with a mobile insurance in India, so that your finances are not affected by such a setback.

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