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Is Linksys extender the one creating a lot of confusion while Setup? There are no points of confusion. As we are here to give you a lot of the best tips on setting up your Linksys Extender. So just start the process.

Move Close To The Router and Extend Range

Before getting started with the Linksys Range extender setup, move near the router and you’ll greatly find better connections. The signals get weaker moving further down from the router.  Likewise, if the issue is still the same it might also be that the internet access is generally wrong, making the internet slow. Also, the result is just an extender; keep the extender close to your router.

Changing the router spot is an immediate result, but most of the time we all want internet speed in our living room. So raising the extender substantially in a living room with a router is a good idea. These bends should be kept between the areas where the networks are low, most probably to boost up the weak WiFi signals. And will make the browsing all time easier at the whole house.

Common Issues of WiFi Extenders

The given below Highlighted are the topmost issues that users experience during the process:

  • Linksys WiFi extender not working.
  • Not able to set up a WiFi extender.
  • The WiFi extender keeps disconnecting.
  • Why the Power LED Lights are blinking red.
  • The Extender is unacceptable with the username and password.
  • The extender is in poor connection to the router.
  • Even the Linksys Extender login is not working.

Secure Your Router

The password is necessary to secure the router from limiting the information to be passed. Though the internet is not the only source of it, one can think of shifting the signal. Your neighbors will definitely be stealing the data from your connecting device. In addition, it can make your connection very slow.

Though Set a password so that you can configure and make your router password protected at the same time. This one is necessary to change the passwords that come along with a security code. Not all of them are preconfigured.

How to Set up Your Wi-Fi Password.

At the very start of the process, you need to find an IP address, which is mostly available on the back of the router.

Here are the steps if you don’t know how to configure it:

  • First, you need to open the screen and press the start key on Windows.
  • After that to locate the command Prompt type “cmd” and just hold on to the enter key.
  • Thereafter, to configure all press type IP config/all in the command prompt and press the Enter bar.
  • Therefore the IP address will list up as the given process list below.
  • Then type your IP address in the browser as well.
  • Just by opening the router setting and will be asked to log in only if the username and password are printed above or below the router. But if you have no information regarding them, you need to talk with your service provider.
  • Once you reach the router settings, hence you can set up a new password and secure your Wi-Fi from hackers.
  • Although, If you are able to set up the password of the wifi; then, you can move to the router’s settings through the portal of Linksys extender setup and change your Username and password or reconfigure it here easily.

Setup Via Laptop And Smartphone

To start with, the extender is online in your laptop’s wireless accuracy list as Linksys _EXT then heads to your phone’s wireless attachment list, check there.

  • To start with, detach the device and regular modem for sixty seconds and plug it back in subsequently.
  • Now Reset the extender by pressing the button, within the mill reset hole of the extender for around ten seconds whereas if it still seems to be blocked into the wall, then it ought to come back up once this is in your wireless attachment list.
  • If it isn’t showing online then, make a cable connection between your extender and laptop directly with the URL for the setup page.
  • The login portal is easily reached via http//

Speed Causing Issue

One cannot measure the performance of an extender besides different external components that can make the extender work smoothly, that too with no other factors impacting the extender’s performance.

  • First, placement of the existing Main Router Signal and the extender.
  • Then, check the Internet connection and data packs by the end of the Internet Service Provider.
  • After that, check the coverage area of both the device that you are accessing the WiFi from the extender or from the locating device.
  • There might be an outdated version of the operating system of the extender or user device.
  • Or the speed limit of the extender.
  • The settings of the band channel of the extender might be wrong.
  • Less compatible security authentication protocols or not more compatible.
  • Although this issue can be easily solved, just by accessing the dashboard. Update the firmware with the latest technique of the extender or adjust the settings. Make sure the security protocol of the router and extender are the same, such as WPA2-PSK, or according to your liking.
  • However, It’s also necessary that you also understand that sometimes antivirus must be blocking the internet connection as well. Because the antivirus software is not up to date yet.


We hope the article given to you below is an informative one. But if you think you are not getting enough from it then you can try fixing it with Linksys Extender login and configure your settings easily and If you are facing any issue in Linksys velop setup without app, you can visits our official website for more information.

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