Should I Go To New York Music School?

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Should I Go To New York Music School? 1

This is the question I sometimes get:

“Should I go to music school?”

In most cases, the short answer is correct. Probably not.

There’s nothing so simple, so here are some of my thoughts, but first, get in touch with yourself and find out where you came from.

I loved music because I played piano in the living room since I was a kid – I think it did a lot of damage. Maybe all the songs in my head were about dinosaurs.

I really wanted to play piano in middle school and high school. Then I went to a New York music school. I have a composition degree from the Peabody Conservatory. Being part of the youth was a really great community. However, I have always maintained the true “value” of the experiment and tried to encapsulate the unknown spirit through the Scrabble School Music Certificate of the campus toilet paper facility.

I recently wrote, played and produced jazz punk, but I often wonder how things would change if I didn’t go to music school. Here’s what I think without extra effort:

It’s really a music career. The music industry is constantly changing. Music sales are dropping as the Internet flows. This makes it difficult for music in addition to the tough economy. Do you want to learn other marketable skills?

Reasons to attend music school

  1. I want to teach music at a level that requires approval. It’s very easy. It is not the case to teach the piano to your children, such as teaching at music schools in New York.
  2. You are a classical musician and not a person who has already signed the deal for a 14-year conference. Schools like Juilliard and Fabi have a lot of people who are improving their skills in hopes of gaining performance test points like orchestras. Note – These endpoints are tests and not lessons. Note: If you belong to this group, you may need to know how to supplement your income at some point, and reason # 1 (teaching ability) may help.
  3. It is difficult to learn specific skills elsewhere. There are some great schools that really focus on today’s new music environment, not traditional schools (Berkeley and Oberlin head up). Learning skills, such as music production, move away from the crowd at home through programs like garage bands.
  4. The music school NYC actually teaches some important life skills (I’m serious) and advanced medical degree programs for serious law in regards to their skills as people who know devotion and time management. Watch the music school discipline. It is amazing but true. Trust me, I know that directly. Don’t get me wrong, you have to make all the requirements of the field leave to professional music, but the background to music will be “fun and good”.
  5. the most important reason why I have to go to music school and why I usually choose music as a profession: since you can’t imagine being satisfied with anything but music. A career in music is difficult because many people who share music for a living have to endure many parts that they do not really enjoy to get to the small part where they live. It can be difficult and if your only goal is to get rich and famous, you get into music for the wrong reason.

Then ask yourself why you want to go to music school. If you can’t imagine that you are content with doing anything but music, and if you think they can teach you the specific skills you need, you are an organized training environment and you have patience and dedication (and money), then maybe music school is right for you.

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