Should You Consider A Private Adoption Or An Agency Adoption?

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Private adoption also goes by the name “independent adoption,” and it refers to an adoption type where the adopting parent works with an attorney throughout the process, rather than an agency. The private adoption path usually requires that birth parents relinquish their parental rights directly to the parents taking up the adoption.

On the other hand, an adoption agency works more like the “middleman.” They are intermediaries in adoption processes. They facilitate adoptions and help both sides, including the adoptive parents and the birth parents. Considering an agency compared to adoption lawyers in Georgia may be extremely helpful often times, but both have their pros and cons.

Typically, an adoption agency will offer six services that vary. These include matching adoptive parents with an adoption child, performing a complete home study, arranging counseling sessions for birth parents, performing post-placement visits, preparing the necessary paperwork, and providing education.

With a private adoption, you receive a permit by state law, and attorneys may advertise to help expectant parents get the best match. Attorney’s in this adoption guide adoptive parents with the best ways to execute their own advertising efforts. Adopting parents rarely need a home study in this adoption. However, for this, they may have to hire an independent adoption agency or an independent social worker. Regardless, most of the aspects connected to an attorney, rather than an attorney.

The Benefits of a Private Adoption

Certainly, adoption can be a daunting task, regardless of the route you choose. An attorney, such as Tom Tebeau can offer the right legal assistance to all those people that choose the process. A good attorney should offer successful ways to bring a child into a family, and offer minimal costs, personal responsibility, and provide the right services. If you choose a private adoption, here are some of the benefits you will encounter.

Fewer Requirements

As you pursue a private adoption, the requirements must meet beyond those that the state law sets as mandatory. The decision of whether or not the match is good depends on you as expectant parents. In private adoption, this is a great advantage.

Your Profile Moves Faster

In private adoptions, another advantage is that the attorneys will not typically use a waiting list. Once they get your profile, they show it to the expectant parents, who would consider the adoption quickly. The sooner expectant parents access your adoption profile, the sooner you can adapt. There’s no need to depend on a waiting list. Once your profile is ready, the attorney would show it to prospective adoptive parents.

Show Your Profile before a Home Study

In private adoptions, depending on the state law, you may show your profile to the expectant parents before a home study approval. Most adoption agencies in this regard do not show expectant parents the profile until approval for the home study.

Training on Adoption Profiles

With an attorney, there’s a chance for training on adoption profiles, advertising, and personal networking before an approved home study. Most agencies, however, will not train you on networking, writing profiles, or advertising only until the home study approval comes.

The Benefits of an Agency Adoption

Compared to private adoptions, agency adoption also has its own advantages. These include:


With a home study approval, adoption agencies usually provide more training hours when compared to adoption attorneys in private processes. With an agency, you receive more than 10 hours of training, which prepares you for the adoption journey. The topics often include raising a child from a different background than you, openness, attachment, and the effects of alcohol and drugs on pregnancy, along with other important topics. An attorney would not provide training on this level. They will just guide you on the legal aspects, and the adoption process without additional training.

Proper Counselling

The right adoption agency should offer proper counseling to adoptive and birth parents. An attorney would refer you to a social worker, who would provide the counseling. However, getting the right counseling often requires consulting an outside resource. When you choose an adoption agency, counseling is usually part of the service or packages they offer. You can coordinate with them, and get the right help.

In Both Cases, You Need an Adoption Attorney

Although agency assisted adoptions may provide you with the right services your family needs during the adoption process, you will need an adoption lawyer for further assistance too. For the legal steps, you have to meet adoption lawyers in Georgia. They complete the necessary steps and help with both private and agency based adoptions.

Both of these adoptions are different, but what matters is the flexibility options. Private adoptions are ideal for those who are comfortable with taking control of the process. Whereas agency adoptions come with more counseling and training. In the end, the decision is all up to you. You should evaluate what option you prefer, and proceed with the adoption accordingly.

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