Some Reasons iPhone and iPad Screens Crack and What to Do About It

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Some Reasons iPhone and iPad Screens Crack and What to Do About It

I can’t think of anything more irritating than shelling out a bunch of dough to get the latest and greatest iPad or iPhone then cracking the screen. Although it’s embarrassing to admit, this has happened to me more than once. In fact, I’ve managed to crack my iPad or iPhone screen numerous times before I realized the dangers of a broken screen.

A cracked screen can cause serious problems, so after I shattered my last screen, I found a good shop to do iPhone repair near me so I could get my gadget in working order. Then I took preventative measures to make sure I wouldn’t have to deal with a shattered iPad or iPhone screen again.

First I’d like to describe some of the ways you can shatter an iPad or iPhone screen so you can avoid these situations:

Some Reasons iPhone and iPad Screens Crack

Dropped it Like it Was Hot

This might be one of the most common causes of shattered cell phone screens, and I too have dropped an iPhone and experienced a broken screen. In my case, I tried to walk and use my phone at the same time, crashing into someone else or some object, which caused me to drop my phone.

Left it in the Wrong (Tiny) Hands

I don’t have a child so I haven’t experienced this myself, but I’ve been in public and have seen parents lend their gadgets to their kids for entertainment. As you might expect, children don’t understand how costly an iPad can be and play with it a little too harshly, causing the screen to break.

Broken During (Not So) Preventative Measures

This one happened to me, and it might have happened to others. I was trying to slip a protective case onto my iPad and managed to crack the screen after getting a little too vigorous.

Abandoned on the Hood of a Car

I have a friend who was struggling to carry groceries to his car. He set his iPhone down on the hood of his car, forgot it was there and drove away, leaving the screen in shambles.

Left in a Back Pocket

When I went to get my iPhone repair near me, the techs told me this is one of the most common ways that screens get shattered – especially with men who tuck their smartphones in their back pockets while they are in transit. Sit on your phone just once and you might be left with a broken iPhone screen.

When I was getting my screen fixed, the techs told me I made the right decision by remedying the situation in a repair shop rather than dealing with the inconvenience of a broken screen.

In fact dealing with a shattered screen can be dangerous.

  • Broken screens don’t exactly get better as time passes.

iPhones with shattered screens only get worse and start to lose functionality. The first thing you might lose if you crack your iPad screen is touch screen functionality. Your device might take a lot longer to respond to touch, or it might just stop responding at all.

  • Shattered screens stop protecting the components inside your device

Screens protect smaller parts inside of your device from elements that can cause serious damage to your

iPhone. Dust, liquids, and oils from your finger that would ordinarily not make their way into the phone can easily seap in when your screen is broken.

  • You could hurt your eyes!

When your high-def screen shatters, it becomes harder to look at the display. You’ll end up squinting your eyes and putting serious strain on them.

  • You could hurt your finger!

Don’t forget you’re dealing with broken glass when your screen shatters. Your fingers might get cut as you try to swipe your phone, and if your screen is seriously cracked, you might even catch a glass splinter.

What to Do About a Cracked Screen

The first thing you will want to do is see if the insurance covering your gadget (if you have any) will take care of shattered screens. If your insurance covers cracked screens, getting it fixed should be pretty easy. Sometimes you can’t get your screen replaced under your insurance policy though.

If you don’t have an insurance policy, or if it doesn’t cover cracked screens, you might have to resort to using your old device. If you’re not planning on fixing the screen, you’re going to need a replacement, and buying another new phone or iPad can get really costly.

If you don’t have your own used device to switch to, ask around. Your friends might have a replacement phone or tablet you can use until you’ve figured out what to do about your shattered screen.

You can try to fix your broken  screen yourself if these other options don’t seem appealing to you. It’s easy to Google DIY cracked screen fixes and find a handy guide. Remember that you run the risk of permanently damaging your phone if you aren’t sure what you’re doing though.

You’ll need a tech kit, which you’ll probably have to order online and wait several days to receive, and invest hours of time into carefully fixing the broken screen on your own.

If you’re willing to bite the bullet, you can always purchase a brand new iPhone or iPad. Come to terms with the fact that spending this money is going to be painful. You might want to shop around for the best prices for a new iPad or iPhone instead of just buying a new one from your carrier to save money.

Finally, you might want to just get that cracked screen repaired by a professional. If you’re out of your Apple warranty, you can head to a third party repair shop – that’s what I did when I found iPhone repair near me. It was convenient, cheap, and quick. Oftentimes, you can have your phone back to new during the same day. Whatever option you choose to handle your cracked screen, make sure you buy a protective case for your repaired or new iPhone or iPad to prevent it from getting cracked again in the future. It’ll save you a lot of heartache next time you drop your device.

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