The Essential Guide to Virtual Phone Numbers in India: Features, Benefits, and Providers

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Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual number is an essential cloud-based communication solution. Virtual phone numbers have replaced communication channels by taking over desk phone numbers. Virtual number India like any other developing country prefers virtual number solutions for every business need. Businesses buy virtual numbers for routing incoming customer calls to their preferred agents, based on their predefined filters. A virtual phone number can be used to make calls or receive calls on any phone, such as VoIP desk phones, cell phones, or softphones.  Businesses get virtual numbers as they can support handling local as well as international calls; it acts as a vital tool for businesses for efficient call management.

A business can elevate communication with virtual call centre software from a good virtual number provider. Though, it might seem choosing a virtual number provider is easy, it is one of the most important steps for excellent communication. Online virtual phone number comes with different features and a provider can offer more with the basic features. A business can choose the provider based on the features along with pricing and budget as needed for the business. Virtual Number India assists a business in taking concurrent calls and managing huge call traffic. The solution is very beneficial for start-ups and SMEs, the cloud-based communication technology enhances business boosting.

Important features and benefits of Virtual numbers are:

1. Multi-channel platform: With a presence in a multi-channel platform, a virtual number can be more accessible to the customers. It enhances customer engagement rate.  Leveraging multiple channels allows businesses to interact with their customers across multiple touchpoints for a better comprehensive campaign. It makes communication easier for both local and international customers.

2. 24×7 support: A virtual call number can be used at any given time of the day as they offer round-the-clock service for customer communication. It helps businesses to expand their services in and around the globe as customers can reach the business with differences in time zones and yet avail needed services. Calls can be easily routed to the agents available and also to experts for specific concerns. Thus, a virtual Indian number can help a business in India to easily expand and get more customers while reducing barriers to communication.

3. Customized service: Virtual call numbers allow customized solutions with quick deployment on the cloud.  This is beneficial for both, the customers and the agents. It reduces customer’s wait time, as they can easily reach to avail their specific service of the business. Meanwhile, it is less time-consuming for the agent as well.

4. Concurrent calls: With a virtual number a business can attend to concurrent calls.  This boosts the productivity of the business by engaging with more customers in a short period. Concurrent calls help to reduce call volumes and offer quality service to each client.

5. Multiple language options: A business with a virtual number solution can offer multiple language options. This is a prime feature that makes the business efficient and accessible for customers. A business can operate in different locations using this feature.

6. Easy integration: A business can use virtual number solutions to easily integrate other solutions that can elevate the business. IVR menu can be integrated which allows a business to establish immediate interaction using the multi-level menu. Integrating CRM to virtual numbers helps in tracking customer calls efficiently, it creates a database of all the clients and customers along with the information on calls and services.

7. Automated service: Virtual number offers automated call recording and call routing features for every inbound as well as outbound call. The automated service aids in business communication and service delivery. Automated service is a prime feature of the solution that makes the business more active and makes functioning smoother. There are multiple providers of virtual number India solutions. However, choosing the best virtual number provider is a task for any business. A business needs to do thorough research before investing in a provider. Some of the important points to be noted while choosing are: whether the provider offers easy customising and budget-free packages, if the solution provider supports the business with easy solution management, etc. The best provider is the one that supports any business to establish their market-based and mark branding value in the market

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