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As we know that for every state, its development is its first utmost priority. This is because, without action, a state is, hence, living in a situation of problems. Here we are today going to read and talk about the welfare and the development process of Punjab in a few years. We know that Punjab is a state where people of different categories live with equality and harmony. And this is all possible because of the new welfare schemes set up in Punjab. No doubt that there is a big vast difference in the different sectors of Punjab. We can say that Punjab is at the development stage.

How is the development rate possible?

The development rate of Punjab is possible just because of the PWD minister who is working every single second for their citizens as we know that the role of the PWD minister is to check and control the welfare schemes of the citizens and take care of the work they are doing it very well. Mr. Vijay Inder Singla has done very well in developing Punjab himself, supervising all the work related to different sectors such as education, healthcare, transportation, etc. If you are a citizen of Punjab, then you can clearly see with your transparent eyes how much the work is leading at a grade scale.

The level of productivity and contribution in Punjab.

As we know that Vijay Inder Singla very well does the post of the PWD minister; he is no doubt a trustworthy man who is contributing a lot in the terms of different sectors. Before that, there was a big difference in the words of schooling, education, hospital, and daily check-up schemes. Still, now people care and enjoy a lot of advantages and benefits schemes. One of the best proof for this is the customary base checkup camps.

The increasing level-

The increasing level doesn’t mean to increase just only in the one sector of the state but increase in every sector of condition whether it is about education, construction of roads, hospitals, and transportation so people can see a transparent view in the increasing levels of all the sectors such as no difference in the private and public school not a difference in the civil hospitals and private hospitals and the smooth constructive roads these are the very well achievements and must be appreciated work of Mr. Vijay Inder Singla.

The new leading  Punjab-

Punjab is developing day by day, and no one appreciates many benefits and advantages. The main motive of the PWD minister is to avail the citizens of Punjab of a lot of facilities and benefits so that they can live a peaceful and subtle life with no worries and tensions. The basic needs and necessities are fulfilled by every citizen, such as schooling, hospital sanitation, and transportations.

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