The Stone of Successful Love: Emerald

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The Stone of Successful Love: Emerald 1

Nurturing the heart chakra, emerald stone embodies true love and deep compassion in every relationship. This stone possesses green energy that offers healing, inspiration, and endless hope. No wonder it is also called the seeker of love in legends and folklore.

Some gem lovers believe that emerald holds the green beauty and abundance of nature within its velvety texture and vivid color. The power embedded in this stone can transform your soul and bring a sense of renewal to your life. Here are the factors that justify emerald as the stone of successful love.

How Can Emerald Balance the Heart Chakra?

An activated heart chakra emits soothing energies that heal your body, mind, soul, and spirit. It brings freshness and vitality to the soul while inspiring you to love with devotion. The heart chakra is located in the breastbone of the body from where it regulates and controls your emotions and feelings.

When this chakra is out of sync with the rest of your body, you will feel trapped in a relationship and have strong emotional responses to trivial issues. The green energy of emerald helps to resolve these blockages and stimulate the heart chakra in perfect alignment with your body. You can deal with the turmoil of your emotions by accepting their transformative and cyclic patterns if you buy emerald and wear it all the time.

Emerald makes this possible through its intense spiritual energy and vibration. As such, it inspires you to live in a loving and harmonious way while showering compassion on people around you. In some cultures, emerald was dedicated to the goddess Venus as it assures the purity and protection of love to its possessor. It promotes balance between partners and brings domestic bliss, especially when you are going through an estranged phase.

How Can Emerald Calm the Emotions?

The connection of emerald stone with your heart goes beyond the feelings of love. It also controls your emotions and brings more strength to your spirit. As a carrier of abundance and fortune, it can heal the broken hearts and distorted feelings.

During the rough phases of your life, when you feel alone and dejected, wearing emerald can restore your faith in positivity. This gemstone cannot only pull you out of gloom but also boost your confidence with emotional resilience. You can break the negative string of thoughts and take positive steps in life without fearing failures.

By alleviating the heavy feelings, it nourishes your soul with encouragement, hope, passion, and gentleness. The negative patterns of feeling victimized and the perception of losing your emotional strength disappear when you embrace its soothing energy. Believe it or not, it can bring regeneration, vitality, recovery, and self-esteem to a tortured soul.

Emerald Opens Your Mind and Heart

As you move deeper into a relationship, it’s always better to err on compassion, patience, and reliability. Even when your true emotions are obscured by heartache and pain, it shouldn’t deter you from the path of selfless love. That’s what emerald stone can do for you. Holding the energies of this stone close to your heart, you will move easily to the path of honesty and devotion without any prejudice.

The striking green beauty and vibration of emerald can also evoke passion for a person, job, or place. When you wear it near your heart as a pendant, it attracts love. And ifyou buy emerald as a tumble stone, it can boost your self-esteemand restore your confidence in people and relations.

You will feel a sense of belongingness when you open your heart to love without restraints. Some astrologers also believe in the ability of this stone to connect your soul with universal spirituality and divine love.

Encourages to Accept Changes

Life is constant, and so isa relationship based on love and passion. Sometimes, you need hard lessons to find your way through the raw emotions clogging your heart and soul. Emerald stone gives you the inspiration to look back at your mistakes and learn from them. As a result, you become a better, wiser, and reformed version of yourself. You need optimism in the face of adversities.

At the same time, it’s essential to find pure love without losing yourself. Without feeling depleted, enjoy the generosity of loving and feeling loved by wearing this stone. It erases the pain of past mistakes and adds more excitement to a mundane relationship.

When you show more patience, kindness, and compassion in loving someone, nothing can keep you from true contentment and happiness. Showing you the value of a lasting bond can help to secure the relationships with reassurance and commitment.

So, emerald can heal your heart and deepen your relationships with lasting effects. But, you have to choose the right type of stone to work in your favor. Sometimes, you may pick a fake variety of emerald and wait for this stone to heal whatever is wrong in your relationship. It never works this way. Despite a higher emerald stone price, you need a pure one. Here is a short guide to help make the right selection.

Look for a Vibrant and Deep Color

Emerald comes in several shades of green that may range from dull to bright. The most desirable shade is bluish-green with medium color tone and deep saturation. The stone should be neither too dark nor too light.

Eye-Clean Surface

Emerald has natural inclusions that may or may not be visible to bare eyes. Hence, experts recommend buying a stone with an eye-clean surface. It implies that you cannot find any visible scratch, blemish, or cloudiness in the stone. Never choose a stone with blotches or bubbles that do not let it reflect its pure aura around you.

Origin Should Be Authentic

Sometimes, the mines where you find a stone can also influence its ability to heal your heart. Be mindful when asking about the source of your gemstone. Stores like GemPundit provide a free lab certificate that proves ethical mining and the right source of high-quality gemstones.

These are the main factors that affect the quality and ability of emerald to act as the stone of successful love. Look at them wisely before investing your money.

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