Things to Consider in Retail Opening Checklist

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Retail Opening Checklist

For the retail stores smooth working, one needs to be prepared well before the opening of the retails store. They must make sure that everything is in order before the customers start coming into the sure. There must be the proper organization of tasks so that there is no confusion and chaos. These are the basic tasks that add value to the retail store. By undertaking of these ones can be sure that there are working in the right direction. The tasks that need to be performed are small but can really impact the retail store’s working and thus are directly linked to better customer service. These tasks are so essential, but the store manager tends to forget these.

Therefore the sale manager needs to maintain daily store opening checklist for retail so that everyone involved in the store management is aware of what is expected of them and thus perform their duties accordingly. A checklist will keep everyone informed about what is to be performed first, leading to everyone following the right sequence. Everything takes place when it is ought to take place. There will be no delay in any activity.

There are certain things that every retail store must include in their checklist for the proper working of the retail store. This will definitely streamline the operations of the retail store. The things that one must include are mentioned as below:

  • Preparation: It is important that one must come prepared before the opening of the retail store. Ensure you have all the essential keys; otherwise, it will lead to wastage of time if one forgets them. So one must check these before leaving the house. Another thing is that one must come at least 30 minutes before the opening of the store so that they can perform their tasks on time; otherwise, it will disrupt the workflow of the store.
  • Security Check: One must thoroughly go through the security check to see that everything is fine. Take a walk around the store; inspect every corner properly to make sure that nothing went wrong when the store was closed. Properly inspect the windows, doors, and look out for any signs of forced entry. Make sure that the alarm is working properly, and don’t forget to disarm it once you enter the retail store. In case you have a suspicious feeling that one must review the security footage to clear their doubts. It is important to close the doors until and unless it is the time for the customer to come in.
  • Housekeeping: It is important to keep the stores clean and tidy so that it gives a good impression to the customer. For this, one must perform housekeeping function religiously. Clean out all the dirt and debris from the store to make it look more presentable. Clean out all the doors and the windows. Sweep the floor so that it remains tidy and neat. Make sure that the areas where the customers visit the most are properly cleaned and maintained. Look out for any kind of spillage that might result in any kind of health hazard. Also, make sure that the outside of the store is properly cleaned and maintained and get rid of the unnecessary stuff that can affect the look of the store.
  • Check the Cash Register: Turn the cash register and see everything is up to the mark, and there is nothing to worry about. Count the money by keeping it away from the sight of the front door. Make sure you have enough money to exchange customer money.
  • Turn on the Electronic System: The next step is to turn on all the electronic devices before the customers start coming in. They work as promotional tools, and one can advertise the products with them effectively. Electronic devices that are required to be turned on include computers which are to use for checking emails, conducting administrative work, etc., music systems as they add good vibes to the store, TV screens that act as a promotional tool for your retail store products, and working displays.
  • Air Conditioning: It is important to activate the air conditioning, especially if your store is located in a hot and humid area. Otherwise, it will cause discomfort not only to your customer but also to your staff. This will cause the feeling of suffocation, and no one would like to spend more than a minute in your store. This may seem a small task but have a huge impact on your retail store.
  • Merchandising: The next step is merchandising, which is indeed the most important task of the sales manager and other staff members. This is to be performed with the utmost care and caution. This is because the quality of the products that you have on the floor will directly influence the sales, thus the profits. So it is vital to perform this activity daily without a miss. Make sure that everything is properly displayed, products are arranged in the required manner, and there is a proper match between the product and the planogram. One must lookout for any missing thing from the shelves. The store manager must also see that all the products tags are in order. For this, one must see that everything is in order as per the size tag, discount tag, etc.
  • One must also restock the shelves in time so that there is a discomfort to the customers. It is also important to go for an inventory count from time to time. The last thing that one must make sure of is that all the promotional signs are placed in order.
  • Staff meeting: It is important to conduct the staff meeting at regular intervals so that every member is aware of their roles and duties. This meeting will also provide insights such as what is the performance of the sales team and whether they are able to fulfill the targets, and so on.

Hence we can conclude that it is important to prepare a retail opening checklist so that everything takes place in a proper manner.

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