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Apostille in simple language means attestation of public and personal documents like birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, affidavits, power of attorney etc. Not only such documents but you can also get your academic certificates or documents Apostille attested like secondary level certificates, matriculation, diploma, degree, etc. It is a process of attesting the documents which are accepted and recognized in nearly 105 nations.

The document is Apostille attested in one nation which is easily accepted in other 104 nations. This requirement will help in making all your personal documents authentic in the eyes of other nations. You can easily get online Apostille services in Hyderabad and other places too. While online, the documents can be authenticated/apostilled using e-sanad. Many wonder whether Apostille is done on the original document, well yes, it is done on the reverse side of the original document authenticating with a unique stamp and number. The Apostille attestation will help in making your documents legalized in such a format that they will be recognized by all the nations belonging to Hague Convention. It is usually recognized by mostly all western countries legal advice online.

There are three types of Apostille- state attestation, Ministry of External Affairs attestation and embassy attestation. It will totally depend upon the type of document you want to get attested to know which type you should go for. For example- for educational documents, attestation from the state education department is required. In case of any personal documents, you need to get them attested from the home department or general administration department of the concerned state. Once you get your documents apostilled, you need not get them attested further anywhere.

Following of the points will help in knowing about Apostille:

  • Why Apostille is required- It is required because it will make your documents authentic and legal in front of 105 countries. The MEA attestation replaced the process of legalization of foreign public documents as it includes multiple channels for verification. Apostille is a simple process to get your documents authenticated for all the countries which come under the Hague convention. India also joined the Hague convention in 2005.
  • When can you get your documents apostilled- You can get your documents Apostille attested if the country in which the document is to be submitted is under the Hague Convention, if the country in which the documents is to be issued is under the Hague Convention, the document is public or the country where it is to be submitted or issued requires attested document and consider it as a foreign public document?
  • What documents are required to be apostilled- All the documents which are personal documents (birth, death, marriage, adoption, divorce, affidavits certificate etc.), corporate documents (MOA, AOA, patent documents, etc.) and educational documents (school and college degrees and certificates, diploma certificate etc.) can be apostilled.

So above are some questions that make the Apostille attestation much clear. To get mea attestation, you can take help from any online attestation service provider who is authentic and certified.

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