Tips to Perform Umrah in Ramadan

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Ramadan is the month of immense blessings and satisfaction. The best part is that theUmrah perform in this month has also given huge importance in Islam
The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said to a woman: ‘When it is Ramadan, perform ‘Umrah then, for ‘Umrah during it is equivalent to Hajj.” —  Sunan an-Nasa’i 2110

Tips to Perform Umrah in Ramadan 3

Things to be Kept in Mind While Planning Your Umrah Journey in Ramadan

Ramadan is the most precious month when the Muslim starve from dusk till dawn and seek the blessings and forgiveness from Allah Almighty. The journey of Umrah performed in this month is very much significant in front of Allah. But Ramadan comes in summers and it is pretty hot in Saudi Arabia during summers because it’s the area of dessert and this makes this region unusually warm and this journey particularly more difficult than it is in winters.
In this case when the people from the cold region like United Kingdom travel to Saudi Arabia, there are many things which need to be configured and this the reason why I am sharing this blog. It will help the pilgrims to do the arrangements which are according to the signified temperature and these points and tips will make your life a lot easier and your Umrah journey.

1.    Important Stuff You Need to Carry with You

There are very important things which you need to carry along with your common luggage. These things include a towel so that you can keep a small wet towel with you while you are doing sae’e or you are performing Umrah. The reason is that while you are fasting you never know that you can bear the temperature or not and keeping the wet towel can save you from fainting.
You comfortable joggers are very important; these will make your travel more comfortably. You can be more comfortable with an extra pair of slippers, the reason is that there are many times when you are fasting and you don’t want your feet to be captured in one shoe so you can relax your feet.
Bring along the calendar or the whiteboard and mark the timings of prayer and the Iftaar. This will make you manage your timings more easily throughout the Umrah journey.

2.    The Administration is very Important

Administration means that you need to selectyou’retravel agency wisely as all the coordination with you will be done by them and this means you are somehow dependent. You need to choose wisely who you select to manage things for you. From the transport to the stay in the hotel everything needs to be managed by your travelling agency. So make sure you get to see all the ziarats properly and your hotel is near Mosque of Haram.

3.    Timings for Umrah

The perfect timing for Umrah is early in the morning after you wakeup. Not after the Sehar but at 8 am approximately you should perform Umrah as your energy level is high at that time then after performingSa’ee you will be able to go hotel and the perform the prayers accordingly. I would never recommend performing Umrah in the afternoon as this is not the appropriate time while you are fasting.

4.    Taraweeh

Soon as you are done with your Iftaar try to reach out for the Prayer of Taraweeh and eat your dinner after it. This is very important most of the people eat too much on Iftaar and then they are notable to perform Taraweeh properly. This makes their energy level go in vain. So the point here is that you need to manage your timings and for this purpose, you need to manage all the things on the diary or reminders on a smartphone or the whiteboard. So that after having a glass of water and date you can go for Taraweeh and then eat properly after coming back.

5.    Iftaar Timings

Of course, the iftar timings for the UK and the Saudi Arabia will edifferent and we need to manage it accordingly. Make sure you are done with Umrah activities before the Iftar and you are back to the hotel or in Haram for iftar. In Iftar eat light stuff this is good for managing the food for dinner afterwards. Another important thing is that most of the people drink lots of water at a time and this is very dangerous while you are travelling. Try to keep a waterbottle and take this bottle with you while going for Taraweeh. This way you will be able to keep your self hydrated safely.

6.    Healthcare Advises from Physician

For all the patients of High blood pressure and diabetes, you need to take the permission of your doctor to, first of all, perform Umrah journey and second of all keep the timings of the medicine according to the prescription. This is very important to keep the medicines with you this was you will be able to cooperate with your health as well. There is no doubt in it that you are travelling to a whole new country and there the brands and the doctors are different so you need to keep the stalk of your prescribed medicines in case of an emergency try not to stay in the hotel but all the ambulance.  Always remember self-medication is very dangerous and special when you are away from home you need to take every step very carefully regarding your health issues.

These tips were specially made to provide you with the awareness regarding Umrah journey in Ramadan, as it is very important to go prepared while you are fasting and make sure that you perform Umrah in the proper way so that you can also have the blessings from Allah as a reward of this beautiful journey. 
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