Tower Fan is Not Working: Here’s The Fix?

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Tower Fan is Not Working: Here's The Fix? 1

However, even though tower fans are among the most robust types of coolers available, they can still develop issues that lead them to quit functioning if you need them the most.

Several issues with your tower fan, ranging from it being stuck to it rattling or squeaking, may arise. Because the mechanisms of the fan are enclosed inside the fan, troubleshooting these issues can be difficult.

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequent problems that can occur in a modern tower fan, as well as their solutions, to assist you in determining what’s wrong with your fan or how to fix it in time for the summer heat.

Rattling sound from a tower fan

If your fan is rattling, it is most likely due to something becoming loose within the fan, which is a problem that is readily fixed. A rattling sound will be produced when there are stray plastic bits and screws in the room, which will be heard as the tower fan oscillates in the room.


The first step is to remove the grill and inspect the circuit board. This should be fairly straightforward to accomplish by removing some screws (be careful not to lose them), checking that all of the components are securely fastened and in the proper locations; you can always stiffen any sections with electrical tape.

Fan squeaking

The squeaking of the tower fan is another alarming and, to be honest, annoying sound that could be emanating from it, and it should be investigated. A squeaking sound can be heard when your fan is oscillating, and it is most often produced by old & stiff bearings on the tower fan.

Squeaking noises will eventually occur if the tower fan is old and has not been properly maintained with lubricant.


Once you have discovered the bearing, disassemble the tower fan and lubricate it with WD-40 or whatever lubricant you have on hand. The bearings of the tower fan are typically placed at the top or bottom of the blades.

Fan making a loud noise

Having a loud tower fan in the bedroom while you’re attempting to work and watch television can be disruptive and unpleasant. Tower fans are notoriously noisy when operated at high speeds, if yours has grown exceptionally loud, it could be because it is dusty, imbalanced, or some of its parts require tightening.


Make sure to clean your tower fan properly before reassembling it. Use compressed air or a vacuum to remove any dust from the fan before reassembling it. When reassembling your fan, make sure to secure each screw thoroughly.

Fan making a clicking noise

When there are loosened parts or perhaps the bearing has turned out of position in your tower fan, a clicking noise can frequently be heard when the fan rotates, resulting in a clicking noise.

Both concerns can be resolved rather quickly; all you need is some rubber or a screwdriver to get started.


To fix the parts on the tower fan, all you have to do is double-check that each screw is securely fastened and that the fan’s base is not loose. If everything appears to be in proper working order, you will have to dismantle the fan & adjust the bearing.

Always clean the areas around these sections of your tower fan, as well as oil them, to ensure that there is no friction.

Bottom Line

Typically, tower fans are extremely durable, but they must be cleaned properly and in a convenient location to avoid obstructions and odd sounds. Always grease the bearings of your fan, and keep them away from the water to avoid electrical problems.

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