Virtual Numbers: The New-Age Communication Tool

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Virtual Numbers

Successful business organizations are customer-oriented. It is of paramount importance to establish effective communication with your customers. Digitalization has simplified this Herculean task up to a great extent. Virtual numbers are one such tool to communicate well with your esteemed customers.

A virtual Indian number does not have one telephone line or connection. It can be tied up with multiple devices or connections. Organizations prefer to buy virtual numbers as it offers a myriad of benefits.

Benefits of Using Virtual Numbers

The six most important benefits of using virtual numbers are as follows:

  • Omni-presence: Virtual Indian numbers are versatile. They can be put to different uses. They make a business omnipresent. Business organizations can work from anywhere with the help of virtual Indian numbers. You can route important as well as urgent calls to your cell phone. Voicemails sent to virtual numbers are delivered to your inbox. Any fax received by the virtual Indian number is forwarded to your e-mail id as faxes. Virtual phone systems offer tremendous flexibility to business organizations. They allow you to travel for business work while still being connected with the customers.
  • Enhances customer engagement: Customers require personal attention and bespoke solutions. Virtual Indian numbers lead to better customer engagement by building strong communication with them. Customers are not required to wait for long. The calls of the customers are directed to available extensions. Organizations buy virtual numbers so that the customers’ queries can be answered round the clock. The customers can access your organization any time they feel comfortable. Organizations also prefer virtual Indian numbers as customers feel connected with them. Long, international toll-free numbers do not have a personalized approach.
  • Cost-effective: Virtual Indian numbers are immensely cost-effective. Organizations can route local as well as international calls to virtual Indian numbers through internet links. It may seem that the customer is calling a local number, but in reality, the call is answered by the organization in some other part of the world. It involves no additional costs as well. A virtual Indian number can be made compatible with any device- mobile phone, desktop, smartphones, etc. Organizations are not required to buy multiple telephone systems and handsets. The VoIP technology is automated. Hence, it also abolishes the need to have a large staff dedicated to customer service. It answers the common queries on its own.
  • Facility to redirect calls: A virtual Indian number provides you the facility to redirect calls easily. If you are outside the office you can screen the important calls to answer. The rest of the calls can be sent to voice mails. Knowlarity’s phenomenal virtual number system also gives the facility of immediate and unlimited call transfers. You can transfer the crucial conversations to your employees. It also helps the organizations to send the calls of different departments to the respective departments. The calls can also be recorded and monitored. It helps to identify the flaws and keep a track of performance as well.
  • Improves Business Image: Virtual Indian numbers render a professional image to your organization. As a newly started organization, you may not have a huge office space or infrastructure. Using virtual Indian numbers improves your business image and does not let your customers know about your weaknesses. You can use Knowlarity’s voice-based cloud telephony system and create an everlasting impact on the customers.
  • Superior Service: Organizations should buy virtual numbers as they are endowed with numerous features that benefit the organization. Organizations can amplify their revenue streams and profits by providing superior customer service through virtual numbers. Customers would never get a busy signal while calling. The virtual telephone system would  put their call on hold and the call would be transferred as soon as the employees become available to answer.

Virtual telephony also increases employee productivity. It has a conference-calling feature that can be used to connect the geographically scattered employees of an organization. The employees can connect and perform better. They can learn from each other, share their experiences and solve each other’s problems as well.

Knowlarity offers holistic virtual telephony solutions that allow organizations to connect and collaborate with the customers seamlessly. It broadens your horizons and widens your reach to include far-away customers. A virtual Indian number leads to enhanced customer engagement and customer delight that embarks you on the road to success.

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