Want to Studying Abroad…the right time?

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Studying Abroad

Someone asked me ‘when is the right time to go abroad to study?’ I answered, No time is the best time. You need to be prepared financially and mentally, that’s it! You need to get all your documents done for application and visa and arrange funds for your study abroad and you are all set.

Let me help you with some points to keep in mind while deciding

Decide your course:

First of all, you need to decide weather you want to go for a bachelor or a master degree! Going to a new country just after finishing school can be scary for some people but many students are pretty okay to pursue their bachelor degree abroad. Now it’s you who can decide what degree you want to pursue abroad. In most of the cases, parents also help their children in deciding what and when should they study abroad. Also, you can consult an overseas education consultant in your area for the same. They might be able to help you professionally.

Calculate your expenses:

The duration of a Bachelor degree in all the countries varies between 3-4 years while a master degree is for 1-2 years depending on the country you want to study. This means a bachelor’s degree would cost you almost double than a masters degree. So, you should compare the approximate expenses you would require to meet and decide accordingly which degree you would want to go for.

Pros & Cons:

Everybody knows that there are Pros & Cons of everything. So irrespective of the course you decide to do I would suggest comparing these first.

Pros of studying a bachelor degree: Being an undergraduate international student means you would be among those who stand out. You will be amongst the ones who will be doing your stuff on your own without depending on your parents. You will generate the extra skills required to be the one with who is strong and mature to handle it on themselves.

Cons of studying a bachelor degree: Just because your cool friends are going for bachelors abroad don’t mean you also should follow them. All the pros can be cons for some students. You may not be ready to be all alone in a new country, you should also consider the financial trench you or your parents will have to bear or being homesick can be a snag in the beginning.

Whether you choose undergraduate or a postgraduate degree to undertake the electrifying international adventure, if you are well prepared you will be able to get through all the hurdles you may face while being there. You just have to make sure that you cash on fully on the splendid experience and make it your life changing one.

Studying abroad is a marvelous experience one can have and being well prepared for it can make it all the more overwhelming. Live this opportunity with a whole heart and travel with an open mind. This experience will help you be a new version of yourself.

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