Want to Win Daily Cash-Play Fantasy Cricket Online

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Fantasy Cricket Online

Are you a fan of cricket? If yes, then it’s time for a friendly competition with your friends. Play Fantasy Cricket online and win super rewards. At Gamezy you have no dearth of games you can play. Whether you are a card game fan or a casual game fanatic, Gamezy has the most thrilling games for everyone. Play strategy games and other arcade games to win prizes. With cricket fever gripping you all year round, how amazing would it be to manage a team of your own? Download Gamezy, play fantasy cricket and win real cash!

Here is How to get started on Gamezy

You can sign up at Gamezy by downloading the app or you can go to the website, enter your number and get the link to download it. Get registered with your phone number and open up a world of excitement and fun. You can add cash to your wallet and get cracking! Participate in highly competitive games to win cash and bonus as well. Earn more by using codes to get an additional bonus. The best part about participating in games on Gamezy is that the control is completely in your hands and you can decide your stakes. Let’s take a look at how to play fantasy cricket.

Play Fantasy Cricket on Gamezy

Fantasy cricket is the perfect way to make your dream come true of having your team, reviewing their performance, and managing the players according to you. To get started you get 100 credits. Each player is assigned a few credits and you have to make your team fit into those 100 credits. You get 4 types of players, who you think will perform the best in the upcoming match, that you can choose from to form your team of 11 players. Wicket keepers, batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders are the 4 categories. There is a maximum number of players you can pick from each category. The best and second-best player in your team according to you can be made captain and vice-captain. Since multiple matches go on, you can make multiple teams. You can then decide which contest you wish to enter based on the prize money. The prize money along with the attractive bonus makes sure you can win bumper prizes daily! All you need to do is confirm your team before the first ball of the match. The players are given points based on their performance in the match and the team with the highest point wins! You can even change the team before the second inning by predicting which player will do the best job. You can join contests with your games and have fun seeing who wins. Each contest has a limited number of seats and the contest is closed for entry once they are full.

The nail-biting and unpredictable world of cricket got a whole lot better and more action-packed. Get into the game and win cash prizes of up to 36,500. How’s that?

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