What are the goals of Ethical Hacking and pentesting?

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What are the goals of Ethical Hacking and pentesting? 1

The goal of ethical hacking is to identify security gaps. For this purpose, a certified ethical hacker in Dubai is commissioned to investigate an object using the means of a criminal and known attack patterns. The weaknesses found with the help of penetration testing are transparently disclosed to the customer. The motivation for placing an order must always be to uncover a security vulnerability and not to commit a crime.

A penetration test is a security test of a computer, an application, a network or an entire IT system or IT service. The principles of ethical hacking are adhered to in a pentest. The security gaps found are compiled and evaluated in a report.

The goals of penetration testing are the identification of weak points and the resulting improvement measures with regard to the technical, organizational and personnel structure. This test is also carried out as an IT security confirmation by an independent third party.

What is Threat Modeling?

The threat modeling method enables the systematic identification and assessment of those threats that have the greatest potential impact on the security of a system. Such a threat analysis forms a valuable basis for risk analysis, penetration testing and other types of security analysis.

Hacking as a service

 In addition, organizations can now trust on certified and trustworthy service providers.  Mainrequirementscounting in Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), CCNA course in Abu Dhabi, Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) or Global Information Assurance Certifications (GIAC). in the future, ethical hacking is going tobe establish itself as a service because the demand is constantly increasing.  Regardless of the name or method, a hacker remains a hacker.  The only difference is what he does after he finds a vulnerability.  Only this separates the “good” from the “bad” hackers.  Companies should be aware of this.

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