What is the in-hand salary of NDA graduates? Does a cadet at NDA get compensation during the training period?

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salary of NDA graduates

National Defense Academy and Naval Academy Graduates have witnessed a significant change in their salaries after implementing the 7th Pay Commission. The benefits start to flow in their training period itself. It has resulted in boosting the confidence of cadets. This raise in salaries also resulted in increased demand among candidates to become a coveted NDA Officer.

Let us look at the in-hand NDA salary offered to graduates along with benefits and perks provided to them.

Aspirants interested in becoming NDA Officers will be motivated enough to know the detailed pay scale, allowance, perks, in-hand salary of NDA Officers.

If the candidates are looking for an answer to the question, will they receive a salary during their training period? The answer is yes; the NDA cadets get a stipend during their training period.

NDA Stipend to Cadets

The Army, along with the Navy & Air Force, provides a stipend to the cadets getting trained to become Officers and equivalent ranks in Air Force and Navy.

Training Stipend for NDA CadetsStipend Amount
Stipend to Cadets during the entire duration of training in Service AcademiesINR 56,100 per month

Important Note: The training period served by NDA Officer is not treated as Commissioned Service. The admissible allowances are paid as arrears on successful commissioning.

What is the in-hand salary of NDA Graduates?

On completion of training, the cadet will be commissioned as an Officer (Lieutenant). The Indian Armed Forces will offer the pay scale as per level 10 of the Indian Armed Forces.

The candidates commissioned as Lieutenant get salary on a band scale of INR 56,100 to INR 177,500. The NDA Officers get various allowances such as:

Name of AllowanceAmount Payable
Dearness AllowanceProvided at same rates as offered to civilian personnel from time to time
Kit Maintenance AllowanceINR 20,000 annually with Dress Allowance
Para AllowanceINR 10,500 per month
Special Forces AllowanceINR 25,000 per month
Para Jump Instructor AllowanceINR 10,500 per month
Project AllowanceINR 3,400 per month
Para Reserve AllowanceINR 2625 per month
Technical Allowance (Tier 1)INR 3000 per month
Technical Allowance (Tier 2)INR 4500 per month

High Altitude Allowances: The candidates posted in Siachen are entitled to a Siachen Allowance of INR 42,500 per month. Also, the NDA Officers posted at other High Altitude Areas are given an allowance as per the below details:

Level of NDA OfficerAmount Payable
Category-1INR 3400 per month
Category-2INR 5300 per month
Category-3INR 25000 per month

Flying Allowances: The Pilots or Army Aviators stationed at Army Aviation Corps are entitled to a flying allowance at INR 25000 per month.

Other Allowances: The NDA Officers get the following allowances for the benefit of their families:

  1. Children Education Allowance: NDA Officers get INR 2250 per month per child for two eldest children. This allowance is paid from Nursery to Class 12th.
  2. Hostel Subsidy: NDA Officers get INR 6750 per month per child for two eldest children.
  3. Ration in kind: NDA Officers posted in Field and Peace Area are entitled to receive ration in kind.
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