Wrap up Warm and Head to the Woods this Autumn

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Wrap up Warm and Head to the Woods this Autumn 1

The autumn is a great time to get out in the woods – this is the time when the display of colour from the trees is the best and the forests themselves are at the most beautiful. As well as this it is great for the mind and the body – so treat yourself to some cosy new clothes from somewhere like Tommy Bowe Menswear https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/xv-kings and head out to the woods.

Here are some of the best woodlands in the UK if you are looking for some inspiration…

Yarncliff Wood – Head to the stunning Peak District in Derbyshire to discover Yarncliff wood. This beautiful old woodland is a great place to enjoy the autumnal trees and you can walk alongside the burbling brook that runs through the woods.

The Forest of Dean – This ancient woodland has a lot of history – from the Romans to the Ship Builders of the Industrial revolution, a lot of the forest has been shaped by the industries of Britain. The perfect place to enjoy an autumn stroll or even a bike ride as there are plenty of picturesque cycling routes here.

Quantock Hills – Arranged among Taunton and Bridgwater lie the Quantock Hills, a stretch of moving greenery offering hypnotizing sees over Somerset and across to the Welsh coast. Delegated An Area of Outstanding Beauty, the scene is ideal for a meander aimlessly in the fresh fall with profound lush valleys, open heathland, and a lot of vivid greenery.

Savernake Forest – Home of the famous ‘Big Belly Oak’ – one of the oldest oak trees in Britain, this mysterious forest is famed for its local folklore and many people come to enjoy the tranquil woodlands and to see the mighty oak tree.

Puck’s Glen – You’ll discover Puck’s Glen simply outside Dunoon on the Cowal promontory. It’s an enchanted forest world, with transcending Douglas firs and tumbling cascades, which look especially sensational during this season. There are two paths: one breeze through a rough canyon; different takes a more drawn out course to extraordinary perspectives over the winter scene. A backwoods street likewise interfaces with Kilmun Arboretum in the south and Loch Eck in the north (these courses are not waymarked and you will require an OS guide to follow them).

Taynish – Taynish National Nature Reserve is only south of Tayviallach. It’s one of the biggest residual oak timberlands in Britain. The forest, field, heath, saltmarsh and shoreline are home to an unbelievable assortment of untamed life – pay special mind to whooper swans and extraordinary northern jumpers throughout the winter months. At this moment the wood can nearly look ‘iced’ with the pale dark green of the elderly person’s whiskers lichen and is spotted with splendid red holly berries.

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