Your Makeup for Different Types of Prom Dresses

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Prom night is going to be remembered for a long, long time. The memories of the night will be like a treasure for the rest of your life. Therefore, you should be looking the best on your prom night. Selecting a prom dress for the night that is going to be your best teenage memory for years to come by is a struggle. With several options available, the task becomes all the way more difficult.

Your Makeup for Different Types of Prom Dresses 3

One needs to decide on the prom dress based on the face and body shape along with the color of the dress.  

When you are done finalizing with your dress, you also need to do decide upon your makeup and hair. Your makeup and hair need to be on point in order to slay in your dress for the big night. 

Following are some makeup tips for different types of dresses on prom night:

For Black Dress – Don a neutral eye and red bold lips if you are going for a black dress. The red bold lips will make your look for the night standout on your black prom dress. With this bold lip color, it is recommended to go for neutral makeup to highlight the red lips. Hence, use neutral tones for your eye with a few coats of mascara and a matte red lipstick for that outstanding black dress look.
For Soft Pastel Dress – Soft pastel dresses make you look all cutesy and flattery. It gives princess kind of vibes and so opting for a pretty barbie makeup with your soft pastel dress for the prom night is a good option. Go for the smokey eye look, add a hint of shimmer on the lower lid of the eye. Also, apply mascara for dark eyelashes and complete the look with a glossy blush lipstick bringing your eyes into the limelight.  
For a floral dress – Floral dresses are aesthetic in appearance and are a perfect blend of sweet and sexy styles. Stepping out in a floral dress with a dark berry lips makeup would help you nail your look for the night. Dark berry lips emanate insouciant bold appearance. Use a lighter tone for eye-shadow with the purplish red lip color. Apply mascara and eyeliner to complete the look. Note that you must make use of similar tone of the lip liner and always ensure to line your lips first to avoid the mess after its application.  
For Gradient Ombre Dresses – Ombre dresses are lovely with the blending of colors in a gradient effect. When styling your ombre prom dress for the night, going for a smokey eye sparkly makeup would just add a feather to your styling for the night. Smokey eyes are the trend of the season and complementing the smokey eyes by adding some sparkle and glitter to it would just enhance your look for the night. This stunning eye makeup look would be best for a gradient ombre dress. 
You can, in general, try these makeup looks even for your styling your cocktail dress or for complementing wedding dresses. 

So decide your prom dress for the evening to be remembered and then finalize on the makeup that you will carry with your dress. Go for an eye-catching prom night appearance with these makeup tips. 
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