10 Places To Visit In Africa For A Thrilling Vacation

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Africa is a tourist’s delight. If you are into wildlife and like to see the animals in their natural habitat. If you want to witness a proper safari then you must visit Africa. The safaris in Kenya and Tanzania will give you a chance of a lifetime to see the animals at the place they call home.

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Africa is known for the various Safaris’ it offers. You can opt between Kenya Tour Packages and Tanzania Tour Packages to see the rare animals in natural surroundings.

Here Are The 10 Places To Visit In Africa:

Go For Wild Life Safari: When in Africa, you actually cannot think of doing anything other than going for wild life safaris. People from across the world actually come here to experience this. Though there are innumerable safaris in Africa the popular one’s are the East and South African ones. In the Southern part you can see the Big five that is the African elephant, lion, buffalo, rhinoceros and leopard. These can be easily seen in the Kruger national Park and Reserves. In the eastern part you can discover the Great Annual Migration from Tanzania to Kenya. You can spot loads of crocodiles, zebras, and wildebeest and so on.
Go Hiking: Not many people know that Africa is also a much sought-after destination amongst trekkers. There are 3 popular mountains here the Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya and the Atlas Mountains. All 3 are much sought after destinations for trekkers.
Relax At the Beach: Yes, you heard us right, the North Africa beaches are major tourist destinations. The summers in Africa are long and last as long as 300 days making it a favored tourist destination amongst all.  You can go for a luxurious vacation to Seychelles or settle for the beach at Zanzibar.
Cycle Away: The most favored form of transport over here is bicycling. There are many places in Africa that you can discover by cycling. One such place is Cape Town, where you can hire a cycle and discover every nook and corner of this place.
Kenya: This part of east Africa is an absolute paradise. It has islands, wild life, fauna and so on. The best time to visit this place is between October to march when the sun is not too harsh. You can relax in the islands of Lamu that has vast expanse of beaches. You can walk through various acres of coconut and mango plantation. You can also check out the wild life at the Amboseli National Park.
Lesotho: This part of Africa is filled with huge mountains and has nature in abundance. The main attractions over here are the Bokong Nature Reserve and the Sehlabathebe national park.
Morocco: Morocco is a whole new world all together. Though it is a part of Africa since it is located at the outskirts of Europe it has a touch of both. You can stay as many days as you want in Morocco as it would not stop to surprise you. Once here, you have to visit the Djemma El Fna in Marrakech. This is a market place where you can see people buzzing all day long.Right from snake charmers to artists it has a wide variety of things to offer.

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Zanzibar: Zanzibar is another destination favored by tourists. It has a beautiful beach where one can relax. The beaches are vast and are a great destination for people to unwind when on a vacation.
Rwanda: This is another paradise in East Africa. This place is known to have numerous hills that lend it an interesting landscape. This place is famous for Lake Kivu where one can indulge in water activities. This place is also known for the vast coffee and tea plantations.
Sao Tome and Principle: This is one of the smallest state located in Africa. This is a great place for a couple to stay in. The island is beautiful where one can try fishing, go diving and do many other activities.

You can choose between Kenya Tour Packagesand Tanzania Tour Packages depending on what you want to do when at vacation.
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