Goa: A haven for fun and frolic

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When you think of beaches and sun, the most likely thought of a place that comes to your mind is that of Goa, the state on the western coast of India, which is known for its beaches and warm weather. It is the number one tourist destination in the country and for all the right reasons. The place is home to some of the friendliest people, and there is also a distinct personality to the state. It used to be a Portuguese colony and you can clearly see that in the food, people and buildings around the state.

Goa: A haven for fun and frolic 3

People come here for one reason so that they can forget about their worries and troubles that they have at home. They come here to let go and simply relax in the warm weather and enjoy the sea breeze. The very impression of coming to Goa is so you can enjoy the delightful cuisine while sipping on some superb cocktails as you look out to the sea.

However, there are many things you can partake in while you are here. The state is laden with companies and services, which provide activities and sports you could enjoy. Let us look at some of the activities which people can take part in.

•    Islands: Surprisingly Goa is home to many islands; these places are not frequented by many and thus remain areas where you can enjoy some quality time. Be it introspection or being a part of a scuba diving and snorkelling group, there is something for everyone. It takes a short time for the island trip in Goa, and companies such as Atlantis Water Sports provides packages which include these trips. Scuba diving is one experience which you ought to take part in at least once in your lifetime. There are experts and instructors on the island who can help you get acquainted with the procedures and ensure that your experience is not hampered. If you are not a fan of diving with equipment and would like to take to the waters in just your shorts, then snorkelling is the activity you need to take part in. You can pick up a snorkel from any service and take to the waters and see with your own eyes, the aquatic life and the life underneath.

•    Water Sports: Goa has an abundance of jetties and bays, where you can find locals and established companies offering rides and many other activities. You can enjoy some jet-skiing, sailing or even be a part of the fun banana boat rides. You could also enjoy some cruise ride over the rivers of Goa, where you can simply relax on the boat as you float across the water. There are many more water activities in Goa, which you can enjoy. The sheer number of activities will surely make your trip even more memorable.

Goa is a place where you can let go of your inhibitions and enjoy without any worries. So, all you need to do now is plan your next trip and get to find out when you can take it!
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