5 Occasions Of Life Is Incomplete Without Cake

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5 Occasions Of Life Is Incomplete Without Cake 1

Cake and occasion have a relationship just like two soulmates. They both are incomplete without each other. In fact, we go on so many occasions, just to eat some mouth indulging cake. You will agree or not but this is true.  Without a mouth-watering cake, what occasion and what celebration. But now you will ask, which type of occasions. Here I will say, try to think of yourself. If you will be unable to think, then I am here. And don’t worry, at some time I will talk about the 5 most important occasions of all of our life. And trust me, you must have ordered so many times online cake delivery in Bangalore from Bloomsvilla. After all, we all have now become habitual of its cakes and flower bouquet. So it’s normal. But yes, here we come to talk about the occasions so let’s start.


The first occasion on our list is a birthday. Just tell me one thing, can you imagine a birthday without a birthday cake. Don’t you think, it sounds like you are saying to a singer, you don’t have to sing. At every birthday party, after wishing to our friends. We all eagerly wait for the happy birthday cake. And when the cake arrives at the party. I am sure you all have felt it, that cake gets more attention than the birthday boy or girl. This is the craze of cake on the birthday. In fact, people like me go to birthday parties only and only for clicking pictures, and cake. You know, without cake birthday is like a dessert without sweetness. Now, let’s go to the second occasion.


The next stop of our list is the anniversary. Anniversary, which comes once in a year just like a birthday. Except for a few people, who celebrate every month. You know, at the anniversary party, people click the picture of the cake more than the couple. Anniversary celebration without cake is so boring. In fact, without cake what’s the matter of anniversary celebration. In fact, so many people use to give anniversary flower bouquets and cake. In fact, nowadays people are in the party till the cake cutting. If you will ask the people, oh you are here for some time. Most of the people say, after cutting the cake I will go.


In the millennium era, wedding cakes became a trend. In fact, people use to judge the status and capacity of the family from the cake design and size. If I may say, cake now becomes a status symbol at weddings. I don’t think it will be wrong. In fact, the wedding cake is now becoming a ritual. It is essential to cut. And trust me this cake is the favorite dessert of all the guests at the wedding. They say that I came here to bless the couple. But most of the people you will see around the cake are couples instead. Cake increases happiness millions of times.

Success celebration

I use the word success. I use it because success can be of different types. Like scoring good grades in the exam, promotion in job, completing the project and getting appreciation, winning any match, winning any competition, etc. There are many faces of success. But the celebration ends with the cutting cake. You know, lots of people congratulate their sweetheart by ordering online cake delivery in Delhi. And I think, this is such a sweetest way to congratulate your dearest. So yes, the cake is very important for this success occasion and celebration.

Baby Shower

A baby shower is one of the biggest occasions of any couple’s life, actually in a woman’s life. Because now, she is going to give birth to a new life, and her second birth will be. It is not less than a birthday. So how could this celebration be a celebration without a cake? People use to order a big cake, and most people choose cake design-related to the child or mother. Because here we celebrate a new life, which will come to this world in a few days or months. So yes, here is the end. I hope now you understand the importance of cake and occasions, which can’t be a celebration without the cake.

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