Why Do People Spend Years Preparing For The Ias Exam?

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Why Do People Spend Years Preparing For The Ias Exam? 1

IAS is a prestigious service that demands dedication and commitment. Being an IAS officer is one of the most admirable and honorable professions. But the level of the exam is extremely tough and this requires too much passion for it and without guidance and motivation, it’s next to impossible. The IAS exam contains different levels to qualify for the exam.

In this exam, there are many rounds which have to be clear by the candidate-

● First stage

The preliminary examination is the first stage, which is the qualifying stage. In this stage, the candidate needs to clear the exam which is objective type. This exam comprises 400 marks.

● Second stage 

The second stage is the main examination, in this exam, candidates need to clear the written test exam. This exam consists of nine papers consisting of essay type questions.

● Third stage 

The third stage is the personality check, in which the candidate needs to clear the Personal Interview round which carries 275 marks. After PI the final ranking is determined. According to the final marks and ranking, candidates are posted to various services.

Joining the right coaching institute for IAS preparation may help you a lot in achieving your goal to crack the IAS entrance exam.

Candidates dedicating most of the time of their life to the IAS Exam

The role of IAS officers is not any random position, in which anyone from anywhere can be appointed without qualifying. If a candidate devotes most of his life preparing for this exam then it’s worth doing. This position gives you the accomplishments and acknowledgement which no other job profile can ever give. Serving the people of the country and working towards the development of society is a dignified job. The motivation of working for society helps them to spend years preparing for the IAS exam. The respect, power and comfort combination of IAS officer is really amazing.

The advantages of being an IAS officer:

● Dignity and Power 

The best part of being an IAS officer is that you have to work under the government of India. An IAS officer is provided with considerable power by the government of India. They can make a change in the development and growth of the country. If a person spends most of the time of his life for this profession then it is worth spending.

● Job Security

The IAS officers devote their whole life to this profession and the government gives them assured work security which no other job profile can ever offer.

● Future Opportunities

IAS officers get many future opportunities like getting an appointment in an International organization. After retirement also IAS officers can be appointed to commissions.

● Residence and lifetime pension

IAS officers are granted big government residence with all the house helpers. They are also provided lifetime pension with other incredible benefits.

Therefore, because of the difficulty level as well as the perks offered to an IAS officer people spend many years preparing for it.

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