5 Unique things to do in Santiago

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5 Unique things to do in Santiago 1

How many of you are searching for unique things to do in Santiago? Let us confirm that you are at the right place as we are going to share what you can do in this city. The city is Cape Verde’s largest island and houses a surprising place where African traditions blend with the Portuguese ones in perfect harmony.

This stunning city is located in the south of the country, off the West African coast. A patch of land in which over half of Cape Verde’s population lives, is now popular as the main tourist hub. Being known for its beaches and unique colonial towns, this city is well-known for its rich history and natural beauty. 

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Visit Assomada Market

Looking for the best place to visit, and then visit Assomada! Visit this quaint little town that is located a 45-min drive northwest of Praia. There are more than 15,000 inhabitants, and thus the second-largest municipality on the island. This site is a must on any Santiago island tour!

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Hiking in Serra Malagueta

Being home to important threatened and endemic species, this site Serra Malagueta is a real paradise for hikers. Spend your time in this splendid natural park that is not only the most important ecological area on the island of Santiago, Cape Verde. However, this also encompasses beautiful landscapes and impresses with a vast network of trails that cross lush forests. 

Climb the highest peak: Pico da Antonia

Love hiking? Then come to this site where hiking is the thing, in the protected Parque Natural da Serra do Pico de Antonia. This site is an important bird area plus home to thick forests, the natural park is famous for its Pico de Antonia, the highest point on the island.

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Visit Tarrafal Concentration Camp

People who are holidaying in Santiago, Cape Verde islands must go for a relaxed sunbathing, hikes, and watersports. You can visit the Tarrafal concentration camp, thus, might not be on your bucket list. This place, however, is sometimes hard to uncover the darker chapters of human history, this peculiar prison deserves a visit. This site was built-in 1933 by Portuguese dictator Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, this place housed political prisoners and Africans fighting against.

10. Surf and relax on Tarrafal Beach

Surfing at the beach is the best thing you can do at Tarrafal concentration camp. Being located at the foot of Monte Graciosa, this site can be reached in one hour via car from Praia, this golden sand beach is a paradise for surfers, snorkelers, and divers.

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