5 Things You Must Do While Visiting Darjeeling

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To the beauty and persona of the queen of hills, that gives us immense pleasure filled with thrills and shrills. Preference of tea with the essence of green mountains gives me the feel to live that moment in an immensely pleasurable and joyful manner.

Darjeeling- the Queen of Hills, A Darling place to visit in the North Eastern Himalayas. To explore the beauty of its green mountainous area with numerous sprawling tea gardens which gives a fresh aura away from the chaotic cities. The tea gardens are an emerging concept to explore its beauty. Adding on is the comfortable lodgings to feel the atmosphere in the blissful environs. The beauty beyond words of high peak mountains covered in snow at an altitude of 8482 feet. That gives a blessed view of the Himalayas.

Feel the Natural Beauty

An early morning outing giving a breathtaking view of the first rays of the sun. It’s great to be a part of the Himalayan bliss during the daytime. The aura freshens the mind and the soul. The Darling of hills provides an adventure for the climbing enthusiasts in Himalayan Mountaineering Institute with the addition to a beautiful museum defining the beauty of mountaineering. You can get a great discount on ticket booking online using SastiTicket coupons.

From the British era to the present era, Darjeeling has been a place to fall in love with its beautifully crafted buildings. The old photographs, the work of art and the antique furniture are something worth seeing as they make one get lost in memories. The Joy ride train or the toy train is the scenic beauty which adds more to its value. And stands as an example of the most outstanding hill passenger railway. The Toy train brings an immense pleasure to the tourists. This favorite activity in Darjeeling gives one the feel of ancient train hoots and hisses while making a way around the mountains. To the intriguing relationship of Darjeeling with the Tibet gives rise to the Tibetan relic in Darjeeling. Learning about the amiable folk, their culture as well as the charming art and craft of their community.

Visit Ghum Monastery

The Ghum Monastery is also magnificent to have a look at. Snuggling under the watchful eye of Kanchanjunga, the monastery is a beautiful treasure waiting to be unrevealed. The day is going so worthy fruitful after being spent in the blissful spiritual ambiance while exploring and having glances of the Tibetan Culture.

Stroll at Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

The Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park is a beauty in itself which is dedicated to the conservation of endangered Himalayan species. The natural habitat with beautiful mountainous views, hilly landscapes and the species living in it makes the place worth visiting. It gives immense joy to oneself. The Mountain Institute within the premises if the zoo provides a beautiful museum and training center of mountaineering. This acts as a center of attraction for the visitors. The Darling of hills provides a scenic beauty to the blissful view of the valleys. The serene views and the ambiance is worth enjoying.

Seek blessing from Hindu Mahakal

The Hindu Mahakal Temple is an example of Divine, with the sound of temple bells, it feels like the place in heaven. A thrilling ride on the Darjeeling ropeway will spellbind you with an utterly delightful experience. The Ropeway is also famous as the Rangeet Valley Cable car as it gives an amazing view of the River Rangeet. The center of the town is the Darjeeling Chowrastawhich is a great place to hang out for the tourists. You can apply for travel agents jobs to know about this field.

Artifacts and refreshing activities

Attractive articrafts with regional delicacies in juices as well in food items are worth trying. The horse rides are will make the day really enjoyable. To spend time here as the sun sets is a great refreshing activity. The peace pagodas situated in the town are a must-visit as they provide peace to one’s inner self and oozes out spirituality in the calm and serene ambiance of the hill stations.

Shopping is delightful

Shopping in Darjeeling is a delight for every kind of shopper as it satisfies the hunger and provides the articles in accordance with every taste and age. The Happy valley tea gardens provide a variety of hand-rolled luxurious tea; which makes Darjeeling famous for tea and its organic farming internationally. The river rafting is becoming a great thrilling adventure to be tried while gushing from the mountains to the foaming white water stretches with varying rapids.

To the ones, looking for exploring the beauty and for getting peace must visit the Darling of hills. Darjeeling as it provides a beautiful aura to be around. Explore, get peace and stay calm.

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