5G’s Impact on the World of Work

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The rollout of the fifth generation of wireless technology aka 5G is imminent. The workplaces are very likely to experience this change.

Some people debate that households will continue to subscribe to services like Cox Internet packages and 5G will be of greater use in offices. Whatever the case may be, we must be prepared for the following changes that 5G will bring about:

Evolution in Labor Market

5G will enable the companies and the workforce to move away from the traditional 9 to 5 working hours. Many countries in the world are now operating under the ‘employ me’ model where the employees work from wherever they please. And whenever they like. The choice depends on when and where the employees feel the most productive.

Around 89 percent of the employees suggest flexible working hours for them to be more productive. By allowing employees this liberty, companies aim at increasing employee retention as well as productivity.

However, people need access to the fast Internet when working from a place of their choice. Mind you, this place can be in another country as well. 5G will offer blazing speed Internet. It will be faster than any of us has imagined. Hence, allowing for more flexibility at workplaces.

Transport and Logistics

The future of transport and logistics at work will also change with the introduction of 5G. And the future of transport is driverless cars. The automated cars ask for an efficient network that can make it easy to navigate. Because the driverless car won’t be moving alone on the road. It will be moving amidst other similar cars. And the cars themselves need to be in constant contact or need to be familiar with the other car’s moves.

This all can only happen in the presence of an efficient and high-speed Internet connection. Because this will involve a large amount of data being processed in real-time. Which won’t be possible without the capacity and speed that 5G will offer.

The introduction of 5G will also revolutionize logistics and shipping. This means one can expect a future with logistic efficiency. This also implies that autonomous trucks, as well as ghost cargo ships, will no longer be a fantasy. However, the introduction of 5G could mean loss of jobs for many including truck, bus, taxi, and tractor drivers.

Health Care

5G will also transform the way the health care sector operates. One would be able to have an appointment with a doctor in real-time while they sit in another city or country. You can also make use of facilities like mini-clinic that can self-drive to the location stated. The self-driving clinic would be capable of carrying out the automated tests. Apart from that, these technologically equipped clinics will also be capable of providing video links to various doctors whom you can connect with.

If you look at it from another angle, the introduction of 5G could also mean semi-automated surgeries and robot-assisted operations. The possibilities are unlimited. 5G would also be capable of investigating a person’s mental health apart from physical health by the use of wearable gadgets.

Inside the Office

Office work will tend to get more efficient and smarter. The advances in AI and machine learning ask of a technology like 5G to operate to the full potential. The introduction of 5G will imply that fewer workers will have to engage themselves in works like accounting or even data processing. Current employees should not worry about 5G along with machine learning replacing human labor altogether. This won’t be the case as the AI-powered machines will only take over partial work from the employees.

However, this does imply that workers who possess critical thinking skills apart from problem-solving will be in high demand.

Inside a Factory

Factories will also start relying on 5G. Because they will also be employing the use of AI and machine learning. This will result in an extreme level of automation at the factory level. The workers at the factories will, however, be replaced to some extent. Thus, creating unemployment.


5G will revolutionize the way we currently operate. From the introduction of automated cars to the availability of self-moving clinics, the future holds a lot of interesting and happening things that are yet to happen. One can only hope for the best and get excited to witness this revolution. The 5G revolution.

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