Are there Really Salt Lamp Benefits for Asthma Patients?

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Salt lamp mostly called Himalayan Salt Lamp with the Himalayan word emanating from the fact that this salt lamp is harvested from Himalayan Mountains situated in Asia. You can find them in homes, offices, and spas too, used for interior decor and its alleged health benefits.

This article focuses on the benefits of the salt lamp and if it really helps Asthmatic patients.

How does salt lamp work?

Naturally, the human body needs salt to help with blood regulation, hydration, balancing of electrolyte and so on. But these are achieved by consuming this salt. Now knowing that most people are not eating salt lamps, which brings us to another property of salt, its hygroscopic nature. Water molecules are known to float around our environment carrying along with allergens, pollutants, dust particles, and the likes. So it is believed that the salt lamp draws these water molecules in the air to itself.

Once the lamp is heated, the water vaporizes back to the air while the allergens and pollutants are held back on the salt lamp.

Another thing the salt lamp is claimed to do is generate negative ions. These negative ions help balance out the positive ions generated from electronics like TV, phones, computers, etc, that end up causing an overflow of electromagnetic radiation that can be detrimental to the health in the long run.

Salt Lamp Benefits

Asides the decorative purpose and class to which Salt Lamps add to our homes and offices, there are also some health-related benefits that they are alleged to have. Below are some of the benefits that salt lamps are believed to have;

  1. Air purification: As early stated, Himalayan salt lamps help cleanse the air of allergens and other air pollutants by a process known as hygroscope. What this means is that it attracts and absorbs water molecules containing air pollutants, traps them as the lamp is heated, thus purifying the air as well as neutralize the effects of positive ions generated from electronic devices.
  2. Better Respiration: Salt lamps are also claimed to help improve respiration as well as be of benefit to people who may be suffering from any sort of respiratory problems like asthma or COPD which is short for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The salt lamp is seen as a very effective aid for breathing that it has now been used to produce inhalers.
  3. Improved blood flow: Research has it that negative ions, in general, helps improve and boost flow in humans, preventing any form of damage to the lungs. Since Salt lamps are known to emit negative ions as well, it can be used in place of any type of negative ion generator.
  4. Increase energy levels: Positive ions which are generated from electronic devices that we use daily tend to reduce the body’s energy. The salt lamp does the opposite and gives you the feel of regenerated energy that can be gotten from spending time in nature.
  5. Color therapy (Chromo therapy): Salt lamps can be used for color therapy which is an alternative approach to diagnosing and treating quite a number of sicknesses. It is also known to reduce stress and enhance relaxation.
  6. Promotes sleep: I don’t think there is any human alive that doesn’t understand the value of good sleep. Now with what positive ions are known for, one of which is a reduction of the brain’s blood and oxygen supply resulting in poor sleeping patterns. The negative ions form salt lamps balances this ion out and helps to improve the sleeping pattern.

Best Places to keep salt lamp

With all the benefits that the salt lamp is claimed to provide, there are places in which they can be kept so you can take full advantage of the above-mentioned benefits. We look at a few places that these lamps can be kept so it is not only beautiful to the eyes but also of maximum benefit.

  1. In the living room: this is where most household electrical appliances are kept, and we already know what happens with electronic devices, especially if there are many such in one room. A salt lamp should be kept here for ionization purposes.
  2. In the bedroom: working as a night light and one that helps promote sleep, there is no better place to keep a salt lamp like the bedroom.
  3. In the office or workstation: these are places where not just positive ions are generated but there is almost like a concentration of dust particles and allergens too due to how busy the place can get. Just by placing a salt lamp on your desk would have you enjoying the full benefits of it, further improving work proficiency. Generally, the best place to buy salt lamp is near where you spend a lot of time. It is, however, important to note that, though salt lamps are beautiful to possess and are alleged to have a few health benefits, it should not be seen as a one-way cure to illnesses and the likes. Because there is no documented evidence to support the claims of all the fore-mentioned health benefits it has.
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