Looking for the Perfect Dining Table Light? Here are 6 Tips

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Dining Table Light

If you want to create a welcoming and gorgeous dining room decor design, you should ensure that it is nicely decorated and well-lit. A poorly lit dining room often makes eating and serving the food very difficult. Hence, you should ensure that ample lighting is available at all times. Also, you need to position them correctly to illuminate the room properly. Consider buying lighting fixtures for the night as well as the daytime. In case you are not sure which lighting fixtures to buy for your home interior design, here are a few tips that will help you to choose one:

01 of 06 Take the size and shape of the table into consideration

Before selecting lighting fixtures for the dining room decor design, you should check the size and shape of the dining table. It is important that their designs complement each other. If you have a round table, experts suggest using lighting fixtures that are round or bowl-shaped. On the other hand, oval, rectangular, and square lighting fixtures are recommended for square and rectangle dining tables. Also, choose large pendant lights for small dining tables and multiple lighting fixtures for a large table.

02 of 06 Ensure that it does not obstruct the view

To make the dining room decor design more interesting, many homeowners prefer adding various decor items. This can be anything from beautiful artwork pieces hanging from the wall to accent wallpapers. You have to ensure that the lighting fixture does not obstruct these decor items. There are various types of lighting fixtures available in the market. Finding a lighting fixture that does not obstruct the view and lights up the place perfectly will not be very difficult.

03 of 06 Choose a dining room decor

Before choosing the lighting fixture for your dining room decor design, you have to decide the design you want for your dining space. There are various options you have in hand like traditional, modern, etc. You have to ensure that the design of the lighting fixture is complementing the decor of the dining room. For a formal setup, consider choosing fixtures that feature crystals, metalwork, etc. If it has a more casual setup, fixtures with jute, ropes, or wooden beads are ideal.

04 of 06 Choosing the size and shape of the lighting fixture

There are a few things that should be taken into consideration while choosing the size and shape of the lighting fixture for your home interior design. It is important because its size and shape have a huge impact on the design of the dining space. Experts recommend choosing lighting fixtures that are 30 cm or 12″ smaller than the table in all directions. This will help you to ensure that the lighting fixture is not too big for the room. Another trick to choose the size of the lighting fixture is to use the sum of the length and breadth of the room as the diameter of the fixture. Always remember that the room’s dimension is in feet and the diameter of the lighting fixture is in inches. For instance, a room that is 6 feet by 9 feet requires a lighting fixture that has a diameter of 15 inches.

05 of 06 Install different types of lighting fixture

Many homeowners install just one lighting fixture in the dining space. Sometimes, it is not enough. Consider adding other lights besides your primary lighting fixture. This can include recessed lights or track lights used to highlight decor items in the room. Table lamps can be placed on a sideboard for additional glow in the room. LED strip lights can be used to illuminate various sections of the room like the cabinets. Wall sconces are a great idea for the dining room as well.

06 of 06 A dimmer switch is important Besides installing a dimmer switch in the bedroom and living room, you should get one for the dining space as well. A dimmer switch allows you to control the lighting depending on the activities happening in the room. Hence, you can increase the brightness in the room while having a family dinner and decrease it when you are hosting a party.

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