Are You Entitled to a Hairdressing Claim?

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It is possible to sue your hairdresser if the stylist caused you to sustain an injury. A poor haircut is not one of those instances. But negligence of the hairdresser or the salon staff can be a valid reason for you to file a compensation claim.

When you enter into a compensation claim against a hairdresser, you can succeed in your claim if it is for a personal injury and any related psychological damage that you suffered due to the injury. You do not expect to be involved in a health hazard when you visit a hairdresser, so the negligence on the part of the hairdresser is distressful.

If you want to know if you can sue your hairdresser, you can visit to know your legal rights regarding compensation claims. 

Different types of hairdressing claims

All staff members of professional hair salons are trained in using all the equipment and various hair care products, most of which contain chemicals. But sometimes, even a trained professional can have a bad day. It can lead to loss of concentration that can cause some mishaps. A hairdressing salon uses various scissors, razors, blades, and other sharp and pointed objects. It also has a wide range of hair treatment products that contain chemicals that may be harmful to people when not used properly. Negligence can be caused by loss of concentration or lack of proper training in using a product. If these situations result in damage or injury, you have the right to file a claim against the hairdresser or the salon owner. 

Here are some of the damage/injuries due to negligence.

  • Severe hair damage or hair loss. If your hair was severely damaged from leaving the chemicals on your hair for more than the recommended time, it is possible to claim compensation, especially if you lost most of your hair.
  • Cuts. The hairdresser may cut you with scissors or a razor because they lost concentration. A blunt instrument may cause the accident. Please keep in mind that not all accidents can equal a claim; thus, it is vital to consult with a lawyer specialised in hairdressing compensation claims. 
  • Chemical burn from peroxide/hair colourant. Understand that peroxide is highly toxic. It should not be used directly on the skin for a long time. Peroxide is typically used to bleach hair and should only be left on the hair for the recommended time. Your scalp can suffer from a chemical burn, or your hair may become brittle and dry.
  • Allergic reaction. It is standard practice to do a skin test to ensure that you are not allergic to a particular hair care treatment product or hair dye. If the product caused an allergic reaction because the hairdresser failed to do a skin test, you might be able to make a claim. 

The law requires hairdressers to ensure that the electrical appliances they use for hairstyling are tested regularly to ensure safety. They should also do hair strand tests when needed to ensure the chemicals in hair styling products will not damage the hair follicles.  There are more instances due to negligence that may qualify for a claim. Consulting a lawyer is the appropriate solution to know whether you can sue your hairdresser or not.

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